Why should you travel Turkey for Veneers?


Do you want to have a cosmetic dental treatment but don’t know where to start? Veneers are one of the most popular options among individuals wishing to recover their smile among the various treatments offered.

Veneers are thin shells that are custom-made and adhered to the front surface of a tooth. They are used to improving appearance, most typically after teeth have been damaged or become discolored. A dentist creates a mold from composite or porcelain, which is then glued to your teeth with dental cement. The ultimate outcome is more cosmetically attractive teeth that are straighter and whiter.

We’ve outlined some primary reasons why obtaining veneers in Turkey is so popular below. As a result, you make an educated decision before beginning your dental treatment journey.

Turkey is a wonderful nation in its own right, a great blend of east and west. This nation has so much to offer, from boundless beaches to gorgeous historical monuments. What could be better than obtaining those beautiful teeth you’ve always wanted while touring a city full of ancient history?

Turkey for a Great Smile

Turkey’s low pricing, along with unrivaled treatment quality, has attracted almost one million medical tourists (and counting). Veneer prices are much lower in other countries than in the United Kingdom. Veneers in Turkey cost roughly €300 per piece, compared to around €900 in the UK.

These rates are reasonable, and Turkey is regarded as one of the top countries in the world for dental care. So, why are veneers less expensive in Turkey? It is mostly because of decreased living and labor costs. Everyday expenditures are substantially lower in Turkey, and the country has a larger workforce, which explains why veneers in Turkey are less expensive than in the UK.

Top Quality

Istanbul dental clinics use the most current dental technology available, as well as official acknowledgment from international organizations such as JCI-accreditation. Their dentists uphold rigorous standards in order to keep their great reputations, with many of them having received their education in Europe or the United States.

Easy Communication, Fast Treatment

There’s no need to be concerned if language is an issue for you. Dental clinics in Turkey employ dentists that speak a range of languages, including English, German, and French. Furthermore, and most crucially, the whole method avoids large waiting lists and guarantees fast treatment.

Global Medical Care has done the research to provide you with a list of accredited and famous dental clinics and dentists in Turkey. Many of these clinics provide packages that include transportation and lodging in the locations where they are located.

Contact us and one of our Health Consultants will contact you to get you started with your veneers in Turkey. Whether you book a treatment or not, our service is completely free.

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