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Why Global Medical Care?

With 4 offices on 3 continents, Global Medical Care (Gmcare) offers affordable and high-quality medical procedure packages performed by specialist doctors in internationally or locally certified hospitals around Europe. These procedures are at a fraction of the cost vs. your home country and without sacrificing the quality and all the arrangements are done with Swiss Quality.

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As GM Care, a leading firm committed to Swiss quality, we stand out with unique features that set us apart from others in the industry. Let us elaborate on the key characteristics that define our differences.

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Facebook Reviews 5 26 reviews
Proven Expert 5 8 reviews
TrustScore 4.8 30 reviews
Google Reviews 5 74 reviews
It's been an excellent experience with…It's been an excellent experience with them, I mean the surgery but also everything around, transport organization, hotel. You've nothing to worries about. It's a big recommendation for me, you won't be disappointed by their services.

Florian Gaudin

Perfect from start to finish, with a good...Perfect from start to finish with good follow-up
I recommend GMC, from the moment I made contact to the present day I have been informed and monitored by the support team under Albert's management, and by the local team of doctors and interpreters (Asunam), on my arrival in Turkey I was taken care of in an irreproachable manner, transport, hotel, intervention, monitoring, departure, instructions for the days, weeks and months to come ... I am more than satisfied, now all I have to do is follow the steps over the coming months ...
Romain Gransart
Very good experience with this...Very good experience with this clinic, they are very professional.The translator, Asuman, is invaluable and incredibly kind.Mickael B
Gastric Sleeve Surgery in TurkeyI booked with Global Medical care for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey on 15th February. From arriving at the airport right through to being dropped off at the airport the service was 10/10. I was greeted at the airport by a lovely man, who chauffeured me around the whole time I was there. I was taken to the hospital for tests ready for my surgery the next day. The surgeon I had DR Mehmet Yalim Uçtum was amazing, all the staff at the hospital was great. After 3 nights in hospital I was then discharged and put in a hotel for the night, which I was then able to go around Izmir to do some shopping. The next morning I was collected and took back to the airport. I travelled alone from England to Turkey for my surgey and not once did I feel at ease, everyone was so lovely. This has to be one of the best decision I have made.Anyone who is thinking about booking with this company, I would highly recommend them. The team have been so supportive, messaging and checking in on at all times, it's lovely to know they have stuck by me all the way.So thanks again to Global Medical care for a great experience *****Kashia Briggs
Thanks Global Medical CARETeam I'm fully satisfied with operation, for me this medical experience and this package is the best in the world this team already 2020 Award winner.I Think thay will once again 2021 Award, anybody can come without hesitation this operation is very easy very good Doctors surround you, every day my hairs growing slowly slowly and I m happy with that.  Once again Thanks Global Medical CareMy best wishes with this Medical Team 

Amer Mohammad

Great ExperienceFrom the moment I contacted global medical they answered all my questions and got back to so quickly. Throughout my whole journey from start to finish I had updates and support when needed. Dr Yalim Uctum answered all my questions and visited me daily after my surgery. I went to turkey by myself and was put at ease throughout the whole journey. Couldn’t ask for a better team.

Georgie Forder

Gastric SleeveFrom the moment I enquired with Global Medical Care I have received constant communication, flying to Turkey for surgery is very daunting, however we were made to feel welcome and relaxed. Our Dr has been incredible, he must have visited us 8/9 times during our stay, answering any questions, and really made me feel that he cared. Our translator Sammy was on hand to help with anything we needed and even a rep from GMC came and saw us and spent time with us. Gastric Sleeve is a big operation and the team made us feel so supported. Our surgeon has just text even after discharge. I can’t thank you all enough. My life has completely changed.

Miss Samantha Lock

Gastric Sleeve
Best ExperienceThe whole team is very warm-tempered, nice and accommodating.  Everyone looked at my well-being the language is not a problem as everything is translated perfectly.  The result has become perfect, I am very happy that I have come into such good hands.Filip Vunic
Thanks For Your AssistStaff was very nice and helpful, especially doctors and nurses were lovely. GMC team was present to assist with everything at any time.Lily White
The hospital staff where amazing we…The hospital staff where amazing we felt at home and our consultant was great very caring and he explained everything we needed to know and his team where fantastic still checking on us till now I would recommend anyone wants to go there for the good results Maureen UK

Maureen Nyakuchena

GMCare Thank youMy operation and the whole process went extremely well. I would recommend the services of Global Médical Care without hesitation. Don't hesitate for a second, everything will go smoothly.Florian Gaudin
Gastric sleeve and hernia repairFrom the minute I was collected from the airport till I was taken back to the airport, I was treated professionally and felt reassured. Everyone i met was genuinely interested and invested in my comfort and welfare. The facilities were excellent and staff amazing. My surgery was problem free and I didn't actually have any pain. 3 days later I was able to spend the afternoon sightseeing. I have recovered without issue and the results so far have surpassed my expectations. I am already arranging my next "improvement ". I highly recommend Global Medical Care. The professionalism, high level of care and value for money cannot be beaten.

Joanne Collisson Gastric Sleeve

Perfect from start to finish with good follow-up
I recommend GMC, from the moment I made contact to the present day I have been informed and monitored by the support team under Albert's management, and by the local team of doctors and interpreters (Asunam), on my arrival in Turkey I was taken care of in an irreproachable manner, transport, hotel, intervention, monitoring, departure, instructions for the days, weeks and months to come ... I am more than satisfied, now all I have to do is follow the steps over the coming months ...
Romain Gransart


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