Global Medical Care has been providing affordable high-standard medical treatments for patients from all over the world. Our reputation has been built on an uncompromising approach to medical standards, patient safety, and comfort. We create safe and secure systems before, during, and after your treatment so that you get the results you are looking for.

1. All proposed operations are performed using proven and approved methods around the world. All these methods are the newest and most effective ones.

2. Selected doctors you will choose around the world, perform these methods exactly based on your needs for your best results.

3. For our clients, handpicked hospitals follow our strict international standards.

So with us, you know that the services you get will be in line with international standards.

Our shared future

Europe’ #1 Medical Agency For Reliable Treatments Abroad

  • We are not adding commissions to the hospital or doctors’ prices. We just negotiate with them to provide the best prices without sacrificing the quality.
  • We give you a price-matching guarantee.
  • We never sell your data to clinics.
  • All our hospitals and doctors have local or international licenses to perform these operations.
  • We work solely with the world’s best, locally or internationally accredited hospitals, never with small clinics.
  • With us, you have the right to change your doctor.
  • All operations are done using the best available methods approved methods.
  • All our main partners speak your mother language.
  • Whatever we do we do with Swiss Quality: Everywhere You Go!.
During the last year alone, we have helped thousands of patients get world-class medical treatments at 50% discounts or more.

Global Medical Care (GMC) is the trading name and brand of Global Medical AG (Registration Number: CHE-196.707.609), a Swiss-based company dedicated to affordable, high-quality medical treatments.

A Swiss Company facilitating high-quality medical treatments around the world. Our approach to delivering patient satisfaction is well-recognized by international awards.

Full Transparency

As per our full transparency policy, we share all the information with our customers WITHOUT ANY MEDICAL MARKETING. You will always know precisely everything concerning the treatment you have chosen, its advantages, benefits, and the risks inherent to any treatment.

We are present on 3 continents to better serve our clients.