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Introducing Global Medical Care (GMCare) – Your Premier Choice for Excellence in Hair Transplant for women

Embark on a transformative journey with Global Medical Care (GMCare), a world-renowned destination for individuals worldwide seeking Best Hair transplant Turkey. As pioneers in the field of hair restoration, GMCare is dedicated to delivering unparalleled results, combining the expertise of skilled teams, state-of-the-art technologies, and distinguished facilities in Istanbul, setting us apart as a leading choice for Woman hair transplants.

We help you to get your hair back with the latest 4-in-1 method of woman hair transplant in Turkey and offer payment plans.

Woman Hair Transplant Before and After

We offer 4-in-1 Woman Hair Transplant

In order to get the best results, Global Medical Care brought together medical experts and created a unique 4 in 1 Methodology for hair transplant. Here is how our hair transplants are done with this unique method:

4-in-1 Woman Hair Transplant in Turkey

1. MICRO FUE Woman Hair Transplant

In MICRO FUE woman hair transplant, the best hair roots are selected by medical teams one by one using 3rd generation micromotors with 0.5-0.7 mm openings. This is the most developed system to remove grafts without damaging the donor area and keeping its great look. This methodology can extract 20% more grafts with much less damage than standard systems.

2.Vita-ICE FUE Woman Hair Transplant

Our Vita-ICE FUE woman hair transplant methodology ensures that each graft is kept at an optimal condition after harvesting. The use of antioxidants and other vitamins in the process helps to strengthen and revitalize hair follicles, keeping 25% more grafts alive before their transplantation.

3. Sapphire FUE Woman Hair Transplant

The Sapphire FUE woman hair transplant involves special Sapphire blades that open canals with unique shapes to help hair follicles hold onto where we place them. This results in 17% less follicle loss and an accelerated healing time.

Sapphire FUE eyebrow transplant
Sapphire FUE eyebrow transplant

4. HD FUE Woman Hair Transplant

In HD FUE woman hair transplants, we use special nano-liquids that expand the scalp 33% more than normal liquids. This allows us to place up to 100 grafts/cm2, offering higher density and better results.

Sapphire FUE DHI

Sapphire FUE

The Sapphire FUE female hair transplant is an advanced technique that utilizes sapphire blades for creating incisions for hair follicle transplantation. This method offers enhanced precision, minimal scarring, and quicker healing. The sharp sapphire blades create smaller, more precise incisions, resulting in a natural-looking hairline. Advantages of fue procedure include reduced trauma to the scalp, minimized scarring, and faster recovery. The precision of sapphire blades allows for the creation of natural hairlines, ensuring seamless integration with existing hair. During the graft placement process, tiny incisions are made in the exact shape of follicles using sapphire blades, followed by careful transplantation into these incisions.

This precise method, performed under local anesthesia, results in a fuller and aesthetically pleasing outcome, making hair transplant FUE a safe and effective option for hair restoration.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction a method in which individual hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area (typically the back or sides of the scalp) and then transplanted into areas with hair loss or thinning. This surgical procedure, usually performed under local anesthesia, is one of the traditional hair transplant techniques and is less invasive compared to others.

This precise method, performed under local anesthesia, results in a fuller and aesthetically pleasing outcome, making Sapphire FUE a safe and effective option for hair restoration

DHI Woman Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant, which stands for “Direct Hair Implantation,” is a specialized and advanced women hair transplants procedure. Unlike traditional methods, DHI involves the direct opening of canals and the implantation of individual hair follicles using a Choi pen. This innovative technique eliminates the need for pre-making incisions or channels in the recipient area, as the Choi pen both creates the incision and implants the graft simultaneously.

One of the notable advantages of DHI hair transplant is that it allows for a woman hair transplant without the necessity of shaving the recipient area. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer to keep their existing hair long or for those who are concerned about the visibility of post-operative scarring. Additionally, the procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, making it minimally invasive and comfortable for patients. Furthermore, due to the precision of the Choi pen and the minimal disturbance to the scalp tissue, DHI hair transplant results in faster healing and recovery times compared to traditional methods.

Moreover, DHI hair transplants offer more than just aesthetic improvement in the short term. It provides a long-term solution for hair loss because the transplanted follicles are resistant to the hormone responsible for hair loss. This resistance means that the results achieved with DHI are permanent, offering individuals a fuller head of hair that lasts for years to come. Overall, DHI represents a significant advancement in woman hair transplant technology, offering patients both immediate and lasting benefits.

Woman Hair Transplant Procedure

A woman’s hair transplant procedure, also known as female hair restoration, is a specialized treatment aimed at addressing hair loss and thinning in women. This procedure involves transplanting healthy hair follicles from donor areas, typically the back or sides of the scalp, to areas where hair loss has occurred. Female hair transplant procedures are tailored to meet the unique needs and aesthetic goals of each patient, considering factors such as hairline design, hair density, and natural hair growth patterns. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort, and advanced techniques such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) may be used to harvest and transplant hair follicles. Following the transplant, the newly implanted hair follicles gradually take root and begin to grow, resulting in thicker, fuller hair over time. With advancements in technology and surgical techniques, female hair transplant procedures offer natural-looking and long-lasting results, helping women regain confidence in their appearance.

Risks and Considerations of a Woman Hair Transplant

While woman hair transplants are generally safe, like any surgical procedure, they carry certain risks. Potential risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, and allergic reactions to anesthesia. Additionally, there’s a small chance of experiencing numbness or tingling in the scalp, or in rare cases, damage to blood vessels or nerves. It’s important for individuals considering a hair transplant to thoroughly discuss these risks with their surgeon and ensure they are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Woman Hair Transplant Side Effects

While woman hair transplants are generally safe and effective, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects. Common side effects may include temporary swelling, itching, or discomfort in the donor and recipient areas. Some individuals may also experience shock loss, where transplanted hair falls out temporarily before regrowing. In rare cases, there may be complications such as infection, scarring, or an unnatural appearance if the procedure is not performed correctly. It’s crucial for individuals considering a hair transplant to discuss these potential side effects with a qualified healthcare provider and to follow post-operative care instructions diligently to minimize any risks.

Have You Had Your Woman Hair Analysis Done?

Experienced doctors can promptly conduct your hair analysis, and determine which techniques are suitable for you, and additionally we provide you the opportunity to meet your doctor before your travel.

Do Your Hair Analysis

VITA ICE FUE Woman Hair Transplant

Introducing Vita-ICE FUE, our revolutionary women hair transplant methodology that sets a new standard in the field of hair restoration. With Vita-ICE FUE, we prioritize not only the successful extraction of hair follicles but also their optimal preservation and vitality throughout the entire transplantation process. Unlike traditional methods, Vita-ICE FUE incorporates cutting-edge techniques and proprietary solutions to ensure that each graft is maintained in an ideal condition from harvesting to transplantation.

At the heart of Vita-ICE FUE lies our unique blend of antioxidants and vitamins, meticulously formulated to nourish and fortify hair follicles during the transplantation process. By infusing the grafts with these essential nutrients, we enhance their resilience and vitality, significantly increasing their survival rate. 25% more grafts stay alive compared to conventional methods. This means that more follicles remain viable and capable of producing healthy, natural-looking hair growth once transplanted, leading to superior results and greater patient satisfaction.

Furthermore, Vita-ICE FUE not only preserves the integrity of the grafts but also promotes the overall health of the scalp and surrounding tissues. The antioxidant-rich solution helps to minimize oxidative stress and inflammation, creating an optimal environment for hair follicle regeneration and growth. Patients can expect faster healing times, reduced discomfort, and a smoother recovery process, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of their hair transplant sooner. With Vita-ICE FUE, we’re not just restoring hair – we’re revitalizing confidence and transforming lives one follicle at a time.

Sapphire FUE DHI

Exosome Woman Hair Transplant

The use of exosomes plays a crucial role in woman hair transplantation as these microscopic vesicles play a vital role in ensuring the survival, nutrition, and strengthening of grafts. Hair follicles can be kept in a solution containing exosomes, providing the necessary nutrients for their continued vitality. This reduces the risk of nutrient deprivation for hair follicles kept outside during the hair transplantation procedure, depending on the duration of the operation. Exosomes contribute to the graft’s vitality, nourishment, and strengthening, creating an excellent model for hair transplantation.

During the woman hair transplantation procedure, extracted hair follicles are nourished by injecting them with a liquid containing exosomes, promoting vibrant and dense growth. Alternatively, post-hair transplantation exosome application, similar to PRP, strengthens and nourishes hair follicles while encouraging the healing of the donor area. This method restores the previous density of hair in the donor area and enhances the growth of “baby hair” in the transplanted region. This results in the patient achieving the best outcome post-hair transplantation, providing satisfaction both aesthetically and by supporting natural hair development. The use of exosomes offers a non-surgical, longer-lasting, and lower complication-risk experience in hair transplantation

Exosome is a crucial component that can be utilized both as a treatment method and in conjunction with advanced hair transplant techniques such as Sapphire FUE, to achieve optimal results. Exosome nourishes hair follicles, ensuring their vitality, and accelerating post-transplant healing. Simultaneously, it supports the growth of thicker, more natural-looking hair after hair transplantation. This innovative combination presents an appealing option for patients, offering benefits in both treatment and aesthetic outcomes.

For More Information About Woman Hair Transplantation

Recovery and Postoperative Care

Woman Hair Transplant Recovery; Proper postoperative care is essential for the success of a woman hair transplant and the overall healing process. Here are some key considerations for recovery and postoperative care:

Recovery Time

  1. Immediate Post-Procedure: Expect swelling, redness, and discomfort, which typically subside within days.
  2. First Week: Rest and avoid strenuous activities. Some scabbing may occur in the recipient area.
  3. 2-3 Weeks: Transplanted hair may shed, known as “shock loss,” but new growth begins within 1-3 months.
  4. 1-3 Months: New hair growth starts, initially thin but gradually thickening over time.
  5. 6-12 Months: Most growth is visible, with final results taking up to a year or more.

Bandages and Dressings

After the woman hair transplant procedure, you may have bandages or dressings placed over the donor and recipient areas. These help protect the grafts and promote healing. Your surgeon will provide instructions on how to care for the bandages and when they can be removed.

Medications for Pain and Inflammation

You may be prescribed pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs to manage any discomfort or swelling after the procedure. It is important to take these medications as directed by your surgeon and report any unusual symptoms or side effects.

Washing and Caring for the Transplanted Hair

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions on when and how to wash the transplanted hair. It is important to follow these instructions to promote proper healing and minimize the risk of infection. Gentle handling of the transplanted area is crucial during the early stages of recovery.

Follow-up Appointments and Monitoring

Regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon are important for monitoring the progress of your woman hair transplant and addressing any concerns or questions you may have. Your surgeon will provide guidance on when to schedule these appointments and what to expect during each visit.

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Woman Hair Transplant Cost

Female Hair Transplant Cost UK vs Turkey Woman Hair Transplant Cost

Woman Hair transplant costs in the UK vary from £3,500 to £8,000. woman hair transplant Turkey cost provides competitive prices, prioritizing affordability without compromising quality. With personalized payment plans and flexible installments, achieving hair restoration is financially accessible.

woman hair transplant cost


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Turkey is good for hair transplants. This is actually the capital of hair transplants and accommodates the best doctors and best medical teams for this procedure. There is no other country around the world where this operation is so widely done with such a high success rate.

Hair transplant costs can vary a lot in Turkey. Prices below £1400 are generally given by non-qualified teams who are doing the operations in local offices. The price of a hair transplant in a hospital with an experienced doctor generally varies between £1500-3000 depending on the comfort level and operation type.

3000 grafts cost around £1500-3000 in proper operations done in a hospital and by a doctor. Lower than £1500 are quoted generally by nonqualified teams and for operations done in offices where this operation should not be performed.

Turkey hair transplants last forever. As during the hair transplant hair in the donor area which is coded genetically not to be lost is collected and transplanted to other areas, the Turkey hair transplant lasts forever.

No. You cannot get bald after a hair transplant. As the hair transplanted during the operation will last forever you cannot become bald after the operation unless you have a disease creating hair fall.

Hair transplants are your own hair. Thus if your hair gets grey genetically they go grey as well. They will get grey at the same time of your other hair. Thus your hair getting grey will not create a change in your look if you have a hair transplant.

After the hair transplant, you can hide your head with a clean and light cap. You should make sure that it does not create a big pressure on grafts. And after 20 days you can use your hair as normal ones. You should just not use very heavy things on your head (like a motorcycle helmet)

After the hair transplant generally the old hair in the transplantation area stays longer with you than without a hair transplant. The main reason for this is that with the hair transplant, a completely new and wide weins network is created on the scalp and this helps a better nourishment of your old hair. But this hair may fall if they are genetically coded to be lost.

The transplanted hair will stay forever with you. Thus when you get old nothing happens and you keep your look after the transplant.

Hairline placement is an important stage to focus on hair transplantation procedures. Your surgeon advises on the overall limits of the new hairline and transplantation areas based on the patient’s preferences.

Hair Dyeing After Hair Transplantation; When you pass a certain period of time after hair transplantation, you can dye your hair as you wish as you used to. There is no drawback to this. Your new hair is no different from your old hair. In short, you can do everything you used to do with your hair after having a transplant.

Although it may vary from patient to patient, here’s a typical daily schedule for hair transplantation operations:
First Day:

  • You arrive at the airport and your driver will wait for you at the exit of the customs zone with a tag with your name.
  • He will drive you to the hospital and hand you to your patient representative who is fluent in your language.
  • After the initial registration procedure, you will meet your doctor in person.
  • You will have your last checks to prepare you for hair transplantation.
  • Then your procedure will start and may last up to eight hours, operated under local anesthesia. Your hair transplant surgeon will operate the procedure with his crew. You should lie for up to four hours onwards and up to three and a half hours backward in order to have a successful root extraction and transplantation.
  • You will rest in your room in the hotel.

2nd Day

  • You will visit the hospital again for a final check-up including visual consultation, hair root check, and removal of the dressing and washing.
  • Your doctor advises you further on medication including a special lotion and a shampoo and the types of activities you can get involved in over the course of your recovery period.
  • You will be ready to go back home after your second day.

You will get a detailed customized list from your surgeon about what to do and what not to do before the operation. Please wait for these instructions to act, as yours may be different. But here is general guidance that our surgeons share with their patients:

  • You should inform your surgeon about your routine medication and health history
  • If you are taking any blood thinners, please let your surgeon know, as they may represent a contra-indication to surgery, you may need to stop their intake two weeks before your surgery
  • If you are taking broad beta-blockers, please contact your surgeon, you may need to stop intake two weeks before your hair transplantation
  • It is better to leave your hair long as your surgeon can trim it to the appropriate length on the morning of the hair transplantation
  • Do not take any Vitamin B or E for one week before your procedure. It holds for any multivitamins that contain these vitamins
  • Do not take Aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) for one week before your hair transplant procedure
  • Smoking may cause poor healing after hair transplantation surgery and can increase the chance of infection and scarring. Smoking may also contribute to poor hair growth. Therefore you should stop smoking one week before surgery
  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages at least three days before your hair transplantation procedure
  • You can take a shower on the morning of your hair transplant procedure. Do not apply sprays, gels, or any other styling products to your hair
  • If you wear a hair system, please remove it before shampooing and do not wear it before your procedure
  • You should wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not need to be pulled on over your head
  • Please do not wear any cologne or perfume on the day of your hair transplantation procedure
  • Have breakfast in the morning of your procedure. If your surgery is scheduled for the afternoon, have a light lunch before you arrive
  • Do not drink coffee or any caffeinated beverages on the day of your procedure
  • You will be going to the hotel with a headband-type bandage. You may bring a light hat or bandana to cover the bandage so it will not be visible

The platelet-rich plasma is injected subcutaneously under the scalp with microneedles. The injection is painless and takes 2-3 minutes.

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions tailored to your situation. Please wait for these instructions to act, as yours may be different. But general guidelines that our surgeons are sharing with their patients is as follows:

  • You should not make any contact with the area of the transplantation. The grafts can be damaged easily even with little pressure or scratches. You should wear comfortable clothing such as shirts buttoned from the front. Protect your head while trespassing under a door and avoid sudden moves during sleep
  • To prevent the swelling on your forehead you should pick at least two pillows while sleeping. You should also avoid leaning forward (e.g. when using the computer)
  • The continuation of the antibiotics and anti-swelling medication is essential
  • Your donor area dressing will be peeled off on the second day of your operation.
  • You will be instructed on how to wash your hair in the clinic
  • You should not try to remove the blood clots on the transplantation area after the shower
  • We do not recommend wearing a cap but if you insist on this due to appearance concerns, you should choose a cap that does not pressurize the transplantation area
  • You can touch your hair, get your hair cut, wear a cap, and swim two weeks after surgery
  • Even if you use your medication regularly, there might be some swelling on your forehead in the first week. This will not cause any problems and will disappear later on. To speed up this process, you should reduce salt and flavor in your diet.
  • The first month after the procedure, you will lose the hair that is transplanted onto your head. The growing period of your hair will be between 6-9 months. The initial growth will be thinner than your original hair but it will get thicker within a year
  • Systematic lack of iron, zinc, copper, selenium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6, thyroid hormone dysfunction, smoking, and diseases on hair skin (i.e. lichen) may affect hair transplantation negatively
  1. About 10 cc of blood is taken.
  2. The blood is transferred to a sterile environment in a particular device to increase the number of platelets in the plasma volume.
  3. The cells of the blood are separated by centrifugation and the platelet concentration in blood plasma increases up to 4-8 times.

Yes, the cut of the donor area is a must. If you are happy with this alone, you may ask your doctor. But considering the weird look, most of the patients ask for a full haircut.

Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution for hair restoration. You do not need to worry about hair loss or hair density problems after the procedure.

Hair transplantation is carried out under the supervision of plastic surgeons by the hair transplantation experts with at least 10 years of experience. In medical operations, surgeons, only do their core job where they are specialized. As an example, in heart surgery, assistants open the body prepare everything for the job of the surgeon, and then close it. In hair transplantation, this is the same. The doctor defines the hairline and placements of the grafts, defines the donor area, and defines the principles of the selection. An anesthetist performs the anesthesia. Then, hair transplantation experts operate under the close supervision of plastic surgeons.

Depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, skin, and hair character, and the technique to be practiced, it is a process taking approximately between 4 and 8 hours.

Hair transplantation operation is an operation carried out under local anesthesia thus you will not feel any pain or aching during the operation. After the operation, standard painkillers will be enough so that you don’t feel any pain.

Yes, in normal conditions, and if you follow the aftercare instructions they do.

There is no circumstance preventing you from going out after the operation. In the first couple of days, there are tiny pink spots to be seen. These gradually fade away and become normal in a week.

Generally, after 3 days you can have a bath. Using special lotions and caring after the bath will be important and your medical team in the hospital will guide you through them.

They emerge as tiny particles 3 months after the operation date; they reach the normal length in approximately 6 months.

Yes, transplanted hairs usually fall out after transplantation. But as with the transplantation, new hair roots are created, and new hair will grow back in the transplanted area.

The transplanted hairs are operated naturally. Thus at first glance, no one can understand this. As no cuts are made in the FUE method, no scar will appear.

Yes, our surgeons perform hair transplantation on both men and women.

Hair transplantation does not increase the total number of hairs on the scalp, cannot prevent future alopecia, and is limited by available donor hair.

Most of our surgeons and their medical team have performed over 5,000 hair transplants.

This is the aim of our surgeons. Aftercare is also a key factor for success. Patients should follow the post-op instructions carefully for successful final results.

The result of hair transplantation surgery is permanent. It may take up to a year to see the final results. In some cases, it can take up to 18 months.

The number of grafts you need is related to the degree of your hair loss. Your surgeon will advise how many grafts you need when he assesses your pictures from different angles during online consultation or when he sees you in person.

Your new hair roots will grow thinner and they are going to fall off within three months (usually in the first month). After this period, the transplanted grafts will be stronger and thicker.

The roots that are extracted from your donor area will last for a lifetime after they are transplanted into your desired balding areas.

The information given on this subject is slightly different from each other. According to the opinion of some hair transplant specialists, hair should not be dyed for the first 1.5-2 months. According to some, this period reaches 3-4 months.

After the third month, you can color your other hair, except for the transplantation area. This will not be a drawback. However, if you are going to do the dyeing process in the 3rd month, you should protect the transplanted area. We recommend that you wait a little longer to dye all your hair. It takes about 6 months for your already transplanted hair to grow. After the 6th month, the hair has almost reached its new appearance. During this period, you have no obstacle to gaining a newer look by coloring your hair. In short, we can say this. You can color your hair as you wish 6 months after hair transplantation.

You can dye your hair at least 48 hours before hair transplantation. In order not to burn the scalp and not to be damaged by chemicals, it is not recommended to prefer professional applicators.