Why is traveling abroad for a weight loss surgery a good idea?

weight loss surgery

Are you tired of hearing the same phrases over and over again? You find yourself wanting to take a step towards a healthy life, but your insurance company says they don’t cover this type of treatment. You have been looking for a viable option at home to finally get in the shape you always wanted, but— 18,000 euros? And additional costs may apply? They must be joking…

We understand your frustration. 

If you’re sick of waiting, traveling abroad may finally help you lose weight. There has been an increase in the number of people traveling to different countries for weight loss surgeries in recent years.


Here are some of the reasons our researches found on why a weight loss surgery abroad  is a good idea.


Reason 1: High Quality

weight loss surgery + gm care

Global Medical Care researchers have reviewed over 200 hospitals abroad to help European patient’s find the quality they are used to, for half the price. Hospitals and clinics in foreign countries provide services comparable to those available in your home country. The hospitals are internationally accredited, and the staff is certified. The doctors and nurses have a lot of experience dealing with international patients.


Reason 2: Reasonable Pricing

Most people may believe, “Oh, it’s half the price at home? This is unquestionably a scam!” – but here’s why the prices are so much lower: most developing countries have a large workforce, resulting in lower wages than in developed countries. This, as well as the lower cost of living, lower costs for amenities such as electricity, and a favorable exchange rate, are the reasons why your gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey will cost €5,000, whereas it may cost €15,000 in the UK.


Reason 3: You don’t need to plan a thing!

Another question you might have is, “Is it easy to get there?” Without a doubt! We now live in a world where air travel has become more convenient and affordable. Furthermore, we are now highly connected, which means that communication across the globe is simple. Global Medical Care is here to make the entire process as easy as possible by handling all bookings and appointments. Our partner clinics provide transportation from the airport to the hotel and clinic, and there are packages available that include a hotel stay. All you have to do is adhere to the pre-op guidelines and plan your flight. Furthermore, after your treatment, we’ll be there to make sure you’re safe at home, and we’ll keep an eye on you.

It’s okay to take a step towards getting your life back, you deserve it more than anything. 

Today, 40 percent of adults worldwide are obese, and the number is rapidly increasing. Most countries and health-care providers do not consider this a problem. Obesity isn’t just about losing weight and looking good; it also has serious consequences for your heart, joints, and mental health. You should not be put on a waiting list for a potentially life-saving procedure, nor should you avoid it because you cannot afford it.

We believe that healthcare should be available to everyone and that the needs of the patient should come first. We are here to ensure that you only receive high-quality care at reputable clinics in order to be your best and healthiest self.

If you have any further questions, want to know more about different financing options or the different types of weight loss surgery methods we are at your disposal 24/7. You can reach us by clicking here and filling out the form. We’ll  reach out as soon as possible and if you please we can even get you a complimentary personalized treatment plan by 3 different doctors to begin your weight loss journey.

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