Afro Hair Transplant: What you need to know


Afro hair transplant is not a usual hair transplant due to the characteristic of the hair and the specific aspect of each hair follicle. During this hair transplant, the most important part is to collect the grafts.  So, the majority of the surgeons who claim to be experienced in this procedure, fail in African hair transplant. 

Understanding why:

  1. The characteristic of the Afro hair: The hair is tightly curvy, and has a distinct pattern.  It is not round like other grafts

Afro Hair vs Regular Hair Comparison

Due to this morphology the specialist cannot operate with the same tools or techniques to remove the hair follicles.

2. The shape of hairs inside the skin: The hair is not only coily outside, but it is coily on the inside as well. Thus, in order to extract the graft without damaging it, we require a trained doctor.

So, what happens if the traction procedure is not done properly? Very simple. There will be irreversible damage on the follicle and even if the damaged root is placed on the receiving area, the implanted hair cannot grow.

For these reasons an afro hair transplant requires a lot of practice and expertise. Several of our hair implantation MDs are specially trained for afro hair transplant, thus we can present a very satisfying end result, even for complex surgeries.

When is Afro Hair Transplant Recommended:

Like all hair procedures, afro hair transplant is recommended when the main cause of the hair loss is known (like alopecia). If the hair loss is temporary or due to medication usage or something related to a health problem, we do not recommend getting a hair transplant performed. Generally, when a health condition is solved, the hair follicle starts to regrow. Even if they do not, it’s better to wait than performing a hair transplant during a treatment.

What Type of Hair Transplant is Recommended for Afro Hair:

Different hospitals and clinics can propose additional methods like FUT, FUE… etc. Based on our extensive practice, in all the clinics we work with, we mainly recommend the FUE for coily hair. Here is why:

  1. FUT is a very old technique that creates a big scar at the back of the head. The scarring will be visible, but most importantly, it does not enable the surgeon to select the best roots to transfer on the patient. During FUT, the expert is limited to the strip of hair from the extracted area of the scalp. And generally, it’s never enough to cover all the baldness. This procedure is not even recommended for standard hair transplants.
  2. DHI is a newer process but during its implementation, all the removed hair roots need to be placed in special pens called “choi implanter”. This placement is done manually. And due to the structure of the hair, it’s common that even very capable teams observe a disturbance on the 6-9% of the hair roots (transection). Our researchers do not recommend the use of this technique unless the patient has special needs (for example on women, on hairline or on people who suffer from formation of bald patches aka Alopecia areata…)

Our doctor’s ideal recommendation for an afro hair transplant is a FUE session (Follicular Unit Extraction). As for these types of hairstyles, the hair transplant we request from our specialists to follow, is our award-winning 4 in 1 FUE procedure. During this surgery your hair follicles are collected, from the donor, with 3rd generation micro motors (Micro FUE), then placed in a special liquid to keep them alive till they are transplanted (Vita-Ice FUE), then all your canals are opened perfectly by special blades (Sapphire FUE) and the placement is again done with the help of special liquids (HD FUE). In such a way, you can be sure that you are operated on,  with the best possible technologies. Here are some results of our operating doctors:

Afro Hair Transplant



Afro Hair Transplant

Where I Should Do My Afro Hair Transplant

For more than a decade, Global Medical Care has been helping international patients from all over the world to find the best treatment options, including afro hair transplants. We are not commissioners of any institution or clinic, we are running our own services. In our transplantation services, you will always be sure that you are:


  1. Operated with a unique procedure that we call 4in1.
  2. Followed by EU doctors throughout your operation to
  3. make sure that the operation is really done with our effective method.
  4. make sure that a second professional eye is checking on the others.
  5. Operated in the right hygiene standards in proper intervention rooms.
  6. Operated by very skilled teams led by doctors who have very extensive skill. All these teams are selected by our European doctors based on their success percentage, on real patients, in the last 3 years.


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