How to choose the best hair transplant clinic?


There’s more to hair than what meets the eyes. In fact, many would agree that having a good set of hair greatly enhances one’s appearance and confidence in life. Fortunately, some countries, like Turkey, are at the forefront of helping men and women maintain, and even acquire, great hair. 

Every day, professionals at the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey help their clients understand the value of having a great team working for them. In this post, we’ll explain what those values are, and help you choose the best hair transplant clinic. 


The term “Bad hair day” isn’t a jest or joke. And although it was meant to highlight the down-side of not having a unique look, it also serves to underline the value that great sets of hair bring to our personalities. And that value translates into our daily interactions with others. Psychologists believe[i] that, when in conversation with others, people typically tend to focus on the natural hair (or lack of it!). That opinion speaks volumes about how important others think our hair is, not just to us but to them too!

We should not undermine the value of having great hair:

  •     It is perhaps the most visible feature of a person, and therefore immediately forms part of our identity
  •     It defines the way society see us, and therefore greatly impacts how we feel about ourselves – it defines our self-image 
  •     In some cases, we go through inordinate lengths to “look young” by altering the style, length, cut and shape of our hair. It’s not vanity. It’s simply the need to keep aging at bay for as long as we can 

No matter how you look at it, our hair is invaluable to everything that’s nice, pleasant and striking about us. It’s no wonder then that, because they value it so much, men and women are willing to spend significant amounts of money to groom, prune, clip and cut their hair. But, given that hair styling visits don’t treat the problems of poor hair at its root, what is the price of hair transplant surgery in Turkey, fare for value – dollar for dollar?

Hairtransplantation Before After

One expert website[ii], that tracks this data, pegs the USA national average price of a hair stylist visit at between $80 and $100. So, if we were to put a life-time value on our hair (say, from age 20 to 75) based on those numbers, what would that mean?

Well, let’s assume that we use a lower price ($75) each, instead of the low-range ($80) of the national average.  Now, let’s assume that you make two trips per year to your hairstylist to deal with the “bad hair” process. In association, the hair grooming value would be $8,400

If, for some reason, you had a particularly challenging set of hair (thinning, bald patches on scalp, baldness etc.), that required three visits a year to your stylist, you’d shell out around $12,600, from age 20 to 75. And, that treatment price is before adjusting for inflation; and nor does it include tips, gas and other incidentals! 


Clearly, the costing presented above isn’t actuarial (investment-grade) in nature. But it does give you an idea, at a high-level, of the excellent value proposition offered by professional transplant clinics working with technicians who are advanced in their field. Though it may not be an apples-to-apples comparison, these options do provide a baseline for evaluating what the best hair transplant consultation in Turkey Has to offer.  But the package must be providing more than just the price. Therefore choosing the best hair transplantation surgery option for you must enquire about ALL those factors, including: 

  •     The number of patients that have had their hair transplantation surgeries in that region. The list of patients that traveled to Turkey in 2018 for cosmetic surgery and hair transplants estimates over 450,000 patients[iii].
  •     Choice is yet another factor in deciding the best doctor to perform your hair transplant surgery. With over 350 clinics in just one city – Istanbul[iv], is a dedicated hair transplantation capital of the world, offering plenty of choices and techniques for each individual.
  •     How long they have been in business must factor in that decision. A minimum of 5-years or more is mandatory. The facility must be a full-service, accredited medical clinic/hospital, with sterilized surgical rooms and significant investment in state-of-the-art FUE hair transplant / restoration technologies
  •     Search “local” – but look “ global ” – Does the clinic have offices elsewhere in the world, like in Zurich, London, Boston (or other American states), Dubai, Geneva, Amsterdam, in addition to Istanbul? This ensures you’ll get a treatment under globally practiced standards
  •     The quality of surgeons and the trained physician matters too. How much experience and medical training they have is a factor that must be considered too. Only choose clinics that practice with leading internationally certified doctors, surgeons and physicians. And, to ensure you receive the highest level of care and assistance, stick with surgeons with the highest success rates in Europe and elsewhere.
  •     Communication matters, so make sure the place you choose operates with international patient relations services, so they can deliver a true communication in your language
  •     The number of resources and variety of surgical procedures is critical matter too. At the minimum, confirm that the surgeon performs the FUE method of hair restoration at the facilities. The FUE (follicular unit extraction) restoration procedure is one of the most popular and highly well-regarded treatments world-wide.

Of course, the price of a FUE restoration technique does matter, because you want your hair transplant procedure to be expertly performed by an experienced medical surgeon, but to also want it to be affordable. Patients suffering from acute hair loss and balding patterns, from as far as the U.K., considered Turkey because of the affordability factor of the FUE (follicle harvesting) restoration surgery.  According to one 30-year old Brit patient from Bradford, his new head of hair cost him just £1,500 in Turkey – that’s nearly 90% less than the £12,000 he would pay in the U.K. for a similar procedure done by a skilled surgeon, staff and specialists with similar levels

Finally, most patients deciding which hospitals to select for their FUE hairtransplant surgery, checked listed reviews online, and testimonials on the clinic’s website.  This last step is recognised as an essential part before making a life-altering decision. If you are satisfied with what you read and saw, only then should you rest assured that you’ve found the best performing hair transplant clinic. Don’t settle for anything less – you deserve to achieve the best!

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