Unlike most of the operations, hair transplant in Turkey is a very fast operation to go through. You do not need to spare weeks or months to get it done and recover to go back to work. So, here is how much you need to spare for such a life changing treatment.  

If you do not have much time and need to go back to your work, the fastest track you can take is 2 nights. If you pick a hair transplant Turkey package for 2 nights then the first day will be your arrival day, the second day will be your operation day and the third day will be your last controls and return. 

But on the other hand, if you pick these fast track packages, your first wash cannot be done at the hospital. The first wash is recommended to be done 24 hours after the hair transplant to ensure that all follicles are stabilized and the entire coagulation is completed. If this would be done prior, these thin hair grafts may not stabilise or may fall off. This, we never want. In case you need to return after 2 nights, the wash has to be done by you, at your home. Of course we will show you and send you some videos to explain how to do it. So you will not have any issues doing it at home. But seeing it done with professional hands, on you, is always preferred. 

Therefore, all doctors recommend staying over 3 nights in Turkey. Here is how your time plan will be for a hair transplant Turkey


When you land at the airport, we meet you at the airport and place our precious patients in the most convenient and comfortable hotel, with special VIP vehicles. Your special whatsapp group will help you to reach the entire team that will serve you in seconds and we will never leave you alone. That night, you can relax before the operation, relieve your fatigue and take a shower to be ready for tomorrow.


We would like you to have a good breakfast, at your hotel, before the operation. Then, within the time limit we have set for the operation, we will take you from your hotel with our VIP vehicles and drive you to the hospital where you will be operated.  If your pre-operation tests are not done on your arrival day, first, a blood sample will be taken, from you, for general screening.  

In the second stage, you will meet your doctor and he will do the first examination. You will draw, with him, the most suitable hairline and the transplantation plan will be done with you. The next step is to take your preoperative photos. Then, our friends will prepare you for your operation and take you to the operating room. After a needle-free anesthesia (if you are suitable), your operation will start and take about 6-8 hours. The exact duration will depend on the patient, transplant number, number of breaks the patient needs etc.

First step in your operation is graft removal, this step generally takes 2-4 hours. Then we will serve you lunch. Second step of the hair transplant turkey procedure is canal opening. It takes around 1.5 hours and is always done by doctors. Third one is graft placement and takes 3-4 hours. The last part of the operation consists of performing the PRP treatment as soon as the hair transplant process is completed. In this way, you will benefit from maximum advantages. And this will conclude your hair transplant Istanbul. During the operation there are several breaks for our patients’ special needs and food.

During the operation you may listen to music, watch movies or just relax and sleep.  Once your operation is completed, we transfer you to your hotel. Let’s be honest, that night will not be the best night of your life but nearly all our patients claim that they could sleep perfectly for 6-7 hours.          


Our patients, if in a hurry, can return to their countries this day, after the first controls at the hospital and by the instructions we give, they can do their first wash at home.  However, our doctors advise our hair transplant istanbul patients to stay one more night and have their wash for the first time in the hospital.

Our patients who stay for the 3rd night or more nights, as long as not too tired, can be able to see many historical textures in Istanbul, do some shopping and eat some traditional meals. Turkey’s geographical location and natural beauty, the hospitality of its people are worth seeing and experiencing. 


Before the time of your flight, your examination and control will be done by the doctor, and your first wash will take place at the hospital by an expert. Finally, we transfer you to the airport, so that you can be there 2-3 hours before your flight.

In such a way Global Medical Care can provide you the best service and ensure that you have a comfortable stay, along with a high quality hair transplant turkey with our unique 4in1 methodology. 

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