Everything You Need to Know About The Types of Rhinoplasty surgery


Rhinoplasty surgery is a very common surgical procedure. It can be used to treat both minor and major nose problems. This procedure is intended to correct any cosmetic flaws, such as crookedness or asymmetry, as well as any functional flaws, such as breathing issues.

Nowadays, there are numerous types of rhinoplasty surgery to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss all the major types of rhinoplasty and their advantages so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment method.
The nose is one of the most common features used to identify people. This is why, nowadays, there are so many types of rhinoplasty to decide from. We’ve laid out the main methods below:

Reduction rhinoplasty
Augmentation rhinoplasty
Revision rhinoplasty
Reconstructive rhinoplasty
Post-traumatic rhinoplasty
Refinement rhinoplasty

The type of nose job you undergo will be determined by your reasons for having the plastic surgery; such as your personal goals and expectations, as each method aims to address a specific issue. We’ve gone over each of these in greater detail below.

1. Reduction Rhinoplasty

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The first procedure available is known as a reduction rhinoplasty. This type of nose job does exactly what it says: it makes a wide nose, smaller. This can be accomplished by either reducing the overall size of your nose or focusing on specific features such as the dorsal hump. These features can include narrowing the width of your nostrils or reducing the size of the bumps on your nose bridge.
The most common way for a reduction rhinoplasty to be performed is to remove small amounts of cartilage or bone to bring your nose into proportion with the rest of your facial features. The exact process will differ depending on whether your goal is to reduce overall size or to address specific features. This can be discussed in advance with your doctor during initial consultations.


2. Augmentation Rhinoplasty

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You are the perfect candidate if you like the size of your nose but don’t like the shape of some of its features, an augmentation rhinoplasty may be a good option for you. This nose job type aims to improve these features using a bone or tissue grafting technique; to build up either the nasal tip or the bridge. It is one of the methods used during ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries.

In just about all cases, during the reshaping, a cartilage from other parts of your nose is used for grafting. If there is insufficient tissue available, your qualified surgeon may be required to consider alternative solutions. Synthetic implants, known as alloplasts, for example, can be used to augment the nose when natural soft tissue is insufficient. For augmentation, rhinoplasty surgeons mainly prefer a method called open rhino. After the initial anaesthesia procedure, two incisions are made just as a closed rhinoplasty. But this method adds a third incision through the columella to connect the two. The third connecting incision is known as the trans-columellar incision. It allows the doctor to better shape the bone structure of the nose to create the desired appearance.


3. Revision Rhinoplasty

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Also known as a secondary rhinoplasty. This technique is used to offer the patient an alternative to correct a previously performed nose surgery. Typically, this is done because the previous surgery damaged either the appearance or functionality (such as trouble in breathing) — or both — of the nose.


4. Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Surgery

A reconstructive rhinoplasty is a specialized procedure that aims to repair or replace damaged or lost tissue as a result of illness or injury. The certified surgeon rebuilds the nose using skin grafts from other parts of the body to replace damaged or lost tissue during this procedure. Rhinoplasty reconstruction is a highly specialized procedure. As a result, multiple surgeries over the course of several months may be required to achieve the desired results.


5. Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty

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A post-traumatic rhinoplasty typically entails re-fracturing and then re-setting a crooked nose. This procedure is used by the surgeons, to straighten any deviations, correct the nasal septum, and clear the airways. To correct the deviated septum, a rhinoplasty is combined with a septorhinoplasty in these cases. Patients who undergo post-traumatic rhinoplasty most commonly have broken their nose; however, it is also a viable option for those who have cartilage damage, blood clots, or internal deviations within the nose.

6. Refinement Rhinoplasty

Last but not least, this nose job is one of the most commonly practiced rhinoplasty. A refinement of rhinoplasty aims to enhance the tip of the nose, whether it points up or down, or whether it is round or pointy.

The steps in a refinement rhinoplasty differ from patient to patient, depending on the underlying reason for the surgery. In some cases, fat tissue is removed or repositioned, whereas in others, fillers, injectables or implants may be inserted to reshape the tip of the nose. Filler or injectable procedures are, unlike a surgical operation, aren’t permanent solutions.
The different types of nose jobs can also have an effect on the overall price of your treatment. The cost of rhinoplasty varies depending on the method used and the complexity of the procedure. Therefore, this is also something that should be considered and discussed with your doctor when planning which method to go for.
After the first week of the OP, there will be no visible swelling, scarring, bruising or bleeding, but it is important to pay a visit to your local health provider after several weeks post-OP, for a physical exam.

Do you want to learn more about rhinoplasty surgery? Are you unsure about which country has the most experienced hospitals? Or are you ready to take the next step and schedule your nose job? Contact us right away, and one of our medical consultants will contact you to get you started. They will collaborate with you to find high-quality, affordable treatment options based on the criteria that are essential to you.

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