Can Hair Transplant Go Wrong?


You decided to have a hair transplant. Can a hair transplant go wrong?

YES, definitely. Like all surgeries hair transplant can go wrong as well. 

Here are several examples of how a hair transplant can go wrong. Every week we are getting applications from such patients. They realise their mistake but it is generally very late. 


Thus we would like to collect possible key facts on where and how a hair transplant can go wrong. Here is our list.


You may see thousands of options to make your hair transplant. Unfortunately, eighty percent of these places are what we call “under the stairs”. 

Unlike what most would say hair transplant is a serious and sensitive medical operation that needs to be done in high hygiene standards, under the supervision of a doctor and in a surgery room not in a doctor’s office or a clinic where medical operations cannot be done. 

Just like all other surgeries, there are processes such as anesthesia and surgical procedures in hair transplant surgery. Even when a hair transplant is performed in a hospital, it is very important in which part of the hospital this operation is executed. In the majority of the hospitals hair transplants are not done in special intervention rooms where they are supposed to be done. This situation greatly affects hygiene.

First thing to hygiene is that the temperature of the intervention room where the operation will take place must be set correctly. As in other operations, the patient should wear a surgical gown, take off his shoes and not take any personal belongings with him. (wristwatch, ring, necklace … etc.) Except for the phone to listen to music and look when you get bored provided that they are disinfected. 

On top of the place the hygiene of the equipment used is an important thing as wel. Some equipment is used only once and some are disinfected. You can only find good disinfection of them in large and proven hospitals. Disinfection of these materials require special machines that you cannot find in small clinics or offices. If these tools to be used are not hygienic, you can unfortunately get infected. And get some scars from a hair transplant which is normally a scar free operation. Another important point is that the containers and liquids that will touch your grafts should be clean and hygienic. Otherwise, both the graft quality will decrease and the grafts will infect you. In short, anything that will reduce the hygiene of the place or the equipment will also reduce the quality of the result that the patient will receive after hair transplantation and hair transplant go wrong.


All hair transplant methodologies are not the same. And the methodology used drastically changes the end result. 

First of all you need to know that all hospitals and doctors do not use the same methodology. So all hair transplant processes are not the same. Here we are not talking about the known different techniques of FUE and DHI. Even within these methodologies, there are significant differences that tremendously affect the end result.

We talked about the best methodology to use and cost for hair transplant in our previous blog post. Here we just want to underline two of them that are lacking even in the majority of the well known hospitals:

  1. How to keep hair follicles alive before they are transplanted: Hair follicles can only stay alive for some hours out of your body. Therefore till they are transplanted they need to be well preserved. The latest technology for doing it is called Vita-Ice FUE. In this technique all your extracted grafts are placed in a mixture of a number of antioxidants and other vitamins designed to strengthen and revitalize hair follicles. This ensures that each graft is kept at an optimal condition after harvesting, balancing the pH levels and preventing the loss of any follicles prior to transplantation. This solution also acts as a coolant, bringing the temperature of the follicles down and triggering a natural anti-inflammatory effect. With the help of this methodology, we keep 25% more grafts alive before their transplantation.In our research we have seen that only a minor group of hospitals (3% of hospitals reviewed) are using this technology, as these liquids are very expensive.
  2. Use of real Sapphire blades: In the old fue technique, opening of the canal is done by the incisions. Unfortunately, this destroys some of your own hair grafts. Since these cuts are larger than the latest technology, it prolongs the healing time. Unfortunately, the prolongation of the recovery period creates a risk for those grafts and increases the possibility of loss in this process. We can compare this to the first time a flower is planted in the ground with its roots. When you plant that flower in the soil, the better it is compacted with the surrounding soil, the sooner it will hold. In the graft, the smaller this channel is, the faster it clings. The smaller the canal size, the less your bleeding will be and the less likely it is to get a scar. Small opening of the channel is only possible with the latest technology called Sapphire.In our research we have found that only 25% of the hospitals use these blades even though on their website all of them do claim that they use them. Then a deeper research showed us that although these tools are for single use, around 60% of hospitals who use them, do use them on more than one patient to decrease their cost. This is creating a big risk for patients.

These examples can be extended hugely. If the operation is done with an old system or with improper methods hair transplant can go wrong.


The person leading the group is the doctor. Having a doctor during a hair transplant is not a luxury but must. Especially as the canal opening is a surgical process, it should be done by a doctor itself. But even well known hospitals do not have a doctor specialised in this field. As well, the majority of internet famous hair transplant doctors are not real doctors. 

From this point of view, it is not enough for the hospital you have chosen to have a team and a doctor. The experience of this doctor is the thing you need to identify. We know that this is not so easy. Especially, the internet is full of misleading ads and instagram is full of photoshopped before and after pictures. Therefore to avoid any risks, you need to find the doctor’s past 3-5 years success rates. You should never count on instagram pictures. If the doctor supervising the operation is not experienced enough, hair transplant can go wrong.


More than half of the hospitals we reviewed use unqualified team members to deliver hair transplant. Hair transplantation, which requires great precision, requires an experienced team consisting of a doctor and a 2/3-persons hair transplant team. One doctor, one hair extraction specialist and a hair placement specialist. They all should have at least 5-7 years experience. Of course the team should be knowledgeable enough to perform all actions as well. More experienced team always means better results. In the lack of experience of the team, hair transplant can go wrong.


The other point is the transfer that will take you to the hotel and the cleaning of your hotel. If all hygiene measures are taken at the hospital during the operation, but the vehicle or the hotel room used are not good enough, it is unfortunately very possible to be infected and hair transplant can go wrong.


The last important part is to have good support after the operation. Although the hair transplant operation takes one day, the hair transplant process actually takes a year. You will need a great team to follow you over at least a year. The supervision of patients is very important in the first ten days, during the removal of crusts, reminding the patients what to do and don’ts. Otherwise hair transplant can go wrong.


For more than a decade Global Medical Care is helping patients from all over the world to find the best treatment options for them including hair transplants. We are not commissioners of any institution and we are running our own services. In our transplant services you may always be sure that you are:

  1. Operated with a unique methodology that we call 4in1. In this methodology your hair follicles are collected with 3rd generation micro motors (Micro FUE), then placed in a special liquid to keep them alive till they are transplanted (Vita-Ice FUE), the all your canals are opened by special blades (Sapphire FUE) and the placement is again done with the help of special liquids (HD FUE). In such a way you may be sure that you are operated with the best possible methodology.
  2. Followed by European doctors throughout your operation to

– ensure that the operation is really done with our unique method.

– ensure that a second professional eye is checking on the others.

  1. Operated in the right hygiene standards in proper intervention rooms.
  2. Operated by very skilled medical teams and doctors who have very extensive experience. All these teams are selected by our European medical doctors based on their success rates on real patients in the last 3 years.
  3. Followed after your operation up to one year

In such a way we can ensure the best hair transplant result you can get. Please note that even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day. But continuous success is a matter of the right team, right methods and high expertise. This is what we are serving as Global Medical Care.

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