Why hair transplant is cheap in Turkey?


A hair transplant in Turkey can be significantly lower priced than in Europe or America. Why? Or how come? 

We get this question nearly on a daily basis and we would like to share how this is possible. Are they doing something in lower quality? Are they using bad tools or old methods?

Few days ago one of our current patients came with the same question. And he explained to us his story. He mentioned that he started to lose too much hair and decided to have a hair transplant a few months ago. He asked help from one of his close friends and started to look for a decent place to have this operation. They visited two very good clinics in Zurich and called another one in Germany and then another one in France. Everybody was very nice; they seemed to know what they were doing. But when they came to the pricing, they could not believe in their ears. They were asking around 7000-10000€ and they weren’t even able to say the price up front as they claim that the price may change during the operation. On top of that, they showed them where they were performing the operation. This was a place like a meeting room in our office. Yes, it was clean but not like an intervention room. At the end, he reached us and he was shocked when we shared our packages with him. His first question was “but how come?”.

This question can actually be explained with “globalization”. All iPhones we are using are designed in California but produced in China and they are very high quality products. The shirt you are wearing is designed in Italy and made in Bangladesh and this is a very high quality product as well. Thus, if you can design a very good system and standards, you can get very high quality products or services in different parts of the world with much lower costs. 

For hair transplant Turkey uses all the below advantages to keep its cost low while keeping its quality high.

  1. Low cost of living
  2. Low rents
  3. Lower wages for highly skilled doctors

Let’s talk on all these one by one.

1. Low cost of living:

We love to measure this with our McDonalds index. Yes Mc Donald’s index. So now please think about how much a burger menu is, in your country. Normally, it should be around 12-16€. The exact same menu costs 2€ in Turkey. Same bread, same potatoes, same meat. But 8 times lower price. This is a great indication to show that life in these countries are much cheaper.


2. Lower rents

Check this building out. This is approximately 50.000 square meter. And you know how much its rent is? Only 20.000€ which is equal to the rent of 5 luxurious apartments in a metropole in Europe. Can you imagine how much such a facility will cost in Europe? Half a million? One million?



3. Lower wages for highly skilled doctors

An experienced hair transplant doctor’s monthly salary in Turkey (we mean a really experienced one who did not only make more than 2500 operations till now, but created new ways of doing hair transplants as well) is around 3000€ and with that he can live in a great house with his family and drive a well-known German car. And he is very happy with his earnings and doing his work perfectly. Now think, can a doctor, earning €3000, live such a life in Europe? 

So when you combine all these factors in Turkey you can get a hair transplant for a much lower price than anywhere in Europe. On top of that, as Turkey is the choice of more than 400.000 patients per year for a hair transplant, you may have a much better service and results than anywhere else. High numbers of patients bring very high experience to doctors as well.

On the other hand, Turkey is not a very well-regulated country. Therefore you have to look for the right place where you will be operated with a decent quality. And generally defining this place is very hard unless you get professional help. 

For more than a decade Global Medical Care is helping patients from all over the world to find the best treatment options for them including hair transplants. We are not commissioners of any institution and we are running our own services. In our transplant services you may always be sure that you are:

  1. Operated with a unique methodology that we call 4in1. In this methodology your hair follicles are collected with 3rd generation micro motors (Micro FUE), then placed in a special liquid to keep them alive till they are transplanted (Vita-Ice FUE), then all your canals are opened by special blades (Sapphire FUE) and the placement is again done with the help of special liquids (HD FUE). In such a way, you may be sure that you are operated with the best possible methodology. 
  2. Followed by European doctors throughout your operation to 
    1. ensure that the operation is really done with our unique method.
    2. ensure that a second professional eye is checking on the others.
  3. Operated in the right hygiene standards in proper intervention rooms.
  4. Operated by very skilled medical teams led by doctors who have very extensive experience. All these teams are selected by our European medical doctors based on their success rates, on real patients, in the last 3 years.
  5. Followed after your operation up to one year

In such a way we can ensure the best hair transplant turkey results you can get. Please note that even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day. But continuous success is a matter of the right team, the right methods and high expertise. This is what we are offering as Global Medical Care. 

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