John’s Hair Transplant in Installments Experience

About John: John is a 35-year-old, living in Dublin, Ireland. He contacted his Global Medical Care Team in December 2018. Although he was fairly young, he suffered from early signs of androgenic hair-loss (male type hair loss; aka androgenetic/genetic alopecia), he had developed a receding hairline and a slightly balding crown area. As a result, […]

Why is Online Evaluation Important before a Hair-Transplant in Turkey

As Global Medical Care, our priority has always been the satisfaction of our patients of Hair-Transplant . We are always delighted to listen to our patients of Hair-Transplant and assist them in scheduling their treatments, whether they are near to home or over the world. If you want to schedule a Hair-Transplant, one of the first […]

Afro Hair Transplant: What you need to know

Afro hair transplant is not a usual hair transplant due to the characteristic of the hair and the specific aspect of each hair follicle. During this hair transplant, the most important part is to collect the grafts.  So, the majority of the surgeons who claim to be experienced in this procedure, fail in African hair […]

Does hair transplantation really work?

When it comes to physical characteristics, like your hair style, and success, research has found there’s a definite correlation. Not surprisingly, the connection between hair and success applies equally to men as it does to women. The findings, published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, were aptly titled “A Few Bad Hair Days Can […]
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