Why are there restrictions after a hair transplant?

Following your hair transplant, it is critical that you follow your doctor’s advice. And, while you’re willing to do it when it means your hair transplant will be successful, do you ever wonder why some of the advice is given at all? Read on for more information on some of the most common post-operative instructions […]

What’s a Full Hair Transplant: Is Complete Coverage Possible?

You’ve probably heard a lot about full hair transplants and wondered, “How much coverage can they actually achieve?” Will they be able to completely cover my balding areas with new hair? Or will I need a second hair transplant? Unfortunately, the answer to the question of full head hair transplants and full coverage is a […]

Can Hair Transplant Go Wrong?

You decided to have a hair transplant. Can a hair transplant go wrong? YES, definitely. Like all surgeries hair transplant can go wrong as well.  Here are several examples of how a hair transplant can go wrong. Every week we are getting applications from such patients. They realise their mistake but it is generally very […]
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