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Achieve your weight loss goals with gastric bypass surgery starting from £2990 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our comprehensive packages cover hotel, transfers, surgery, all necessary tests, personal assistance, and a proactive 1-year follow-up.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery is an effective weight loss solution that has transformed the lives of countless individuals by improving their health and quality of life. At Global Medical Care (GMCare), we appreciate that the financial aspects of such a major health decision can be intimidating. That’s why we proudly offer Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey – a cost-effective and top-quality alternative for those seeking to take control of their health.

Why Choose GMCare for Your Gastric Bypass in Turkey?

At Global Medical Care, we are dedicated to providing superior gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. Our firm commitment to healthcare excellence is reflected in our carefully designed patient experience, which merges the highest quality of medical care with a personalized attention to detail.
Global Medical Care is a renowned name in the world of medical tourism, boasting a strong network of world-class hospitals and exceptionally skilled bariatric surgeons across Turkey. Our partner hospitals are globally accredited, featuring cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to guarantee the highest standard of patient care.

1. We consistently offer top-rated Gastric Bypass surgery in Turkey

Our partner surgeons are among the elite in their profession, possessing years of experience, extensive knowledge, and a proven track record of favorable patient outcomes. They remain up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs in bariatric surgery and utilize these state-of-the-art techniques to deliver the highest level of care.
However, the best gastric bypass surgery isn’t solely about top-notch medical procedures. It’s also about the patient’s complete journey, from the initial consultation to aftercare and beyond. At Global Medical Care, we recognize this and provide a comprehensive, streamlined service to ensure a smooth experience.

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2. We offer flexible payment plans of up to 24 months.

Payment in installments + GM CARE

Pay with credit card:
You can pay for your treatments in up to 12 installments with your credit card which has a limit that can cover the entire cost.
Pay without credit card:
If you are a Swiss citizen or have a C or B permit with a European nationality you may benefit from a payment plan up to 24 months with 0% interest.

3. Our Gastric Bypass patients recommend us to their friends and family.

Gastric Bypass Reviews

Bariatric Surgery Before After Photos Best Reviews
Bariatric Surgery Before After Photos Best Reviews

Flexible Financial Solutions for Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Experience a remarkable reduction of up to 50% in the cost of equally or superior quality medical procedures with our system.

Gastric Bypass Istanbul Turkey

Gastric Bypass Istanbul Turkey

We present adaptable financial arrangements for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey, making it easily attainable and economical for everyone.

Our Gastric Bypass Turkey Payment Plan is designed to lighten the financial pressure often linked with such operations, permitting you to concentrate on the most crucial element – your health and wellness.

Our payment plans are crafted keeping our patients’ requirements in mind, they are flexible and can be adapted to fit individual financial circumstances. These are meant to distribute the cost of your treatment over a time span, making the expense more bearable. With minimal upfront payments and manageable monthly installments, receiving the treatment you need becomes considerably less challenging.

Applying for our payment plan is a hassle-free and straightforward procedure. After your consultation and once you have received your customized treatment plan, our committed patient care team will walk you through the possible payment options. They will support you in comprehending the terms and conditions of the payment plan and assist you in selecting the most appropriate plan based on your financial capacity.

Have peace of mind knowing that our Gastric Bypass Turkey Payment Plan is fully transparent with absolutely no hidden expenses or fees. We prioritize maintaining open and truthful communication with our patients about all facets of their care, including costs.

Understanding Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a top-ranking bariatric operation available in Turkey. During this procedure, a significant part of the stomach is bypassed, resulting in a smaller stomach pouch. This modification aids in limiting calorie intake and facilitates individuals in shedding excess weight, greatly enhancing their overall health. Gastric bypass surgery in Turkey is receiving worldwide acclaim due to its superior patient results, high-grade healthcare facilities, and affordability.

The surgery involves modifying the digestive system to limit food intake and promote weight loss. Recognized as part of the growing medical tourism sector, gastric bypass surgery in Turkey offers exceptional care at economical rates, drawing patients from across the globe.

Experience Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey with Global Medical Care

Global Medical Care is a prominent medical tourism enterprise specializing in delivering economical and superior-quality gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. We collaborate with top-tier hospitals and experienced bariatric surgeons to deliver an inclusive, all-embracing package. We ensure a smooth medical journey, from initial consultation to post-operative care, we stand by you at every phase of this life-altering decision.

We propose a comprehensive and economical package for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. We synchronize with top-rated hospitals, proficient bariatric surgeons, and support staff to guarantee you receive optimal care and a smooth experience. From pre-surgery consultations to aftercare support, we provide end-to-end assistance to make your weight loss journey a success.

Eligibility for Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Typically, candidates for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey are individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or above or those with a BMI of 35 or higher, who also struggle with weight-associated health issues like diabetes or hypertension. However, health requirements vary for each individual, and our expert team will assist in determining if this weight loss solution is appropriate for you.

weight loss surgery turkeyIt’s important to remember that the final decision will be made by our professional medical team, taking into account your specific health needs and medical history.

How Gastric Bypass Surgery is Performed?

Our highly skilled surgeons in Turkey perform gastric bypass surgery by bypassing a significant part of the stomach, leaving behind a smaller pouch. This minimally invasive method results in reduced post-operative discomfort, shorter hospital stays, and swift recovery.

Gastric bypass surgery in Turkey is executed by specialist bariatric surgeons using a minimally invasive laparoscopic approach. The surgeon makes tiny incisions in the abdomen, through which a laparoscope and surgical tools are inserted. This results in less discomfort, fewer complications, and rapid recovery.

Undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery Abroad

Choosing to undergo gastric bypass surgery abroad, especially in Turkey, provides substantial cost savings without compromising the quality of care. Added to this is the opportunity to experience a new culture and recover in a scenic environment, which is why Turkey is rapidly emerging as a top choice for gastric bypass surgery.

Deciding on gastric bypass surgery in Turkey comes with several advantages. Apart from significant cost savings due to lower healthcare prices, patients also enjoy world-class medical facilities and services. The chance to recuperate in a tranquil, beautiful locale away from everyday stressors can contribute to a quicker and more pleasant recovery.

Renowned Gastric Bypass Surgeons in Turkey

We at Global Medical Care join hands with the most reputed gastric bypass surgeons in Turkey. These surgeons are globally recognized for their innovative surgical techniques, patient-centric approach, and commitment to providing excellent patient results.

We work with the most distinguished gastric bypass surgeons in Turkey, who are internationally recognized for their expertise, precision, and excellent patient results. They stay abreast of the latest advancements in bariatric surgery to provide the most effective treatment for our patients.

Gastric Bypass Clinics in Turkey

The clinics we partner with for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey are internationally certified and equipped with cutting-edge technology and facilities. They provide a comfortable, secure, and supportive setting where patients receive personalized care tailored to their needs, ensuring a positive surgical and recovery experience.

Benefits of Gastric Bypass in Turkey Supported by Global Medical Care

Selecting Global Medical Care as your facilitator for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey comes with manifold advantages. We promise an effortless journey by accommodating all your needs – from preliminary consultations, surgical operations, post-surgery care, to even coordinating your travel. Our patient-oriented strategy ensures tailored care, open dialogue, and constant support.

We offer a comprehensive solution that covers medical consultation, the surgical procedure, aftercare, and even travel logistics. Furthermore, our dedicated team is committed to creating a smooth experience, enabling you to concentrate on your health and recuperation.

Cost of Gastric Bypass in Turkey

The charges for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey are substantially lower compared to other countries, while the standard of care remains high. This affordability is largely due to the proficient healthcare infrastructure in Turkey. Global Medical Care provides extensive packages with no undisclosed costs, ensuring you have complete clarity about your expenses.

Results of Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Outcomes from gastric bypass surgery in Turkey have been exceptionally positive. Typically, patients lose about 60-70% of their excess body weight within the first year post-surgery. Furthermore, many report significant improvement or even total remission of obesity-associated health issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, among others.

Recovery from Gastric Bypass in Turkey

The recovery phase post-gastric bypass surgery in Turkey typically includes a 2-3 day hospital stay, succeeded by a rest period. Post-discharge, the diet is gradually shifted from liquid to soft and then to solid foods over a few weeks. Our team provides detailed post-operative care and nutritional advice, ensuring a seamless transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Our Awards

Our approach to deliver patient satisfaction is well recognized by international awards.

Global Medical Care

JCI AccreditationWorld Tourism AwardTUV AccreditationCentre of Excellence Certification

Is gastric bypass surgery a permanent procedure?

Gastric bypass surgery is a lifelong alteration. The segment of the stomach bypassed during the operation does not regenerate. However, preserving the benefits of weight loss demands a long-term dedication to healthy lifestyle modifications, such as dietary habits and regular physical activity.

How much is the expense of a gastric bypass in Turkey?

Compared to numerous Western nations, the cost of gastric bypass surgery in Turkey is significantly lower, typically varying from $3,500 to $6,500. This all-encompassing expense includes the surgical procedure, hospital accommodation, pre and post-operative care, and in many cases, travel arrangements.

What is the recommended duration of stay in Turkey after gastric bypass?

Patients are generally advised to stay in Turkey for approximately 7-10 days following gastric bypass surgery. This timeframe allows for a couple of days in the hospital post-surgery, followed by routine check-ups and recovery period before returning home.

Will my eating habits return to normal after gastric bypass?

Post gastric bypass surgery, patients will need to adjust to a new eating regimen. Initially, the diet comprises liquids, gradually transitioning to pureed, soft, and then solid foods. Over time, patients can consume a variety of foods, albeit in considerably smaller portions than prior to the surgery.

Can beverages be consumed three months after gastric bypass?

Three months after gastric bypass surgery, patients can generally include most liquids in their diet, including non-carbonated, non-alcoholic beverages. However, it’s always crucial to adhere to your surgeon’s or dietitian’s guidelines.

Is undergoing gastric bypass in Turkey safe?

Yes, undergoing a gastric bypass surgery in Turkey is safe. Turkey is recognized for its superior medical facilities, proficient surgeons, and rigorous healthcare standards. Global Medical Care ensures that all procedures are conducted at hospitals accredited internationally.

Which is the top hospital in Turkey for gastric bypass?

There are numerous hospitals in Turkey that are well-known for bariatric procedures like gastric bypass surgery. Global Medical Care partners with the best among them, ensuring the highest level of patient care and safety.

When can I schedule a gastric bypass in Turkey?

The timeline for arranging gastric bypass surgery in Turkey mainly depends on the individual’s health evaluation and necessary preparation for the surgery. Generally, it can be scheduled within a few weeks following the preliminary consultation.

Is undergoing surgery in Turkey trustworthy?

Certainly. Turkish healthcare is renowned for its quality and advancements. The country is home to many JCI-accredited hospitals, experienced surgeons, and successful patient outcomes, making it a reliable destination for a range of surgical procedures.

Is Turkey a safe place for weight loss surgery?

Yes, Turkey is a secure destination for weight loss surgery, providing top-notch healthcare services at economical rates. Global Medical Care guarantees patient safety and satisfaction by partnering with the leading hospitals and surgeons in Turkey.

Which weight loss surgery carries the highest risk?

Although every surgical procedure carries certain risks, duodenal switch surgery is often viewed as one of the more complex and riskier weight loss surgeries. However, it also yields significant weight loss. The choice of surgery should be based on an individual’s health profile and the doctor’s advice.

Why is surgery cost-effective in Turkey?

Turkey’s lower cost of living and efficient healthcare system allows it to offer medical procedures at lower prices. However, this does not compromise the standard of care. Turkey offers world-class medical services at affordable rates.

Why is weight loss surgery economical in Turkey?

Weight loss surgery is more affordable in Turkey mainly due to the lower cost of living and healthcare services compared to many Western countries. Despite the lower prices, patients can still anticipate high-quality medical care, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and skilled surgeons.

Which is the least painful weight loss surgery?

The gastric band procedure is generally considered to be the least painful weight loss surgery as it is less invasive than other surgeries. However, the perception of pain varies among individuals and depends on several factors, including the surgical technique and post-operative care.

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