Hair Transplant Journey: Pierre’s Hair Transplant in Turkey


We’ve had a lot of requests from our newer patients to hear similar stories from our previous patients, so we sat down with one of our previous hair transplantation in Turkey customers, Pierre, and asked him to tell us his story. Pierre had his first hair transplantation in Turkey in March 2019.


Pierre is a hardworking 35-year-old, originally from France. Styling his hair had always been an important part of his looks and charisma, so when his hair loss began at the age of 26, it was a natural source of stress. The following is a transcript of our conversation about his follicular unit transplant (hair transplantation) in Turkey.


  • 1. What was the biggest reason you decided to get a hair transplant in Turkey?


I began balding when I was 26, but it took awhile for me to decide to get a hair transplant. At this rate, the hair on my head was already thinning. This was a horror for me because in the end, it was really affecting my confidence. I frequently found myself feeling insecure and depressed about how I began to look…


  • 2. Why did you decide to seek hair transplant in another country?


One of my friends, who had a hair implantation in Turkey with a Global Medical Care clinic, suggested I choose them. Before making my final decision, I conducted extensive research on my own, spoke with GMCare’s personal consultants, and considered all relevant factors such as the accommodation, the accredited clinics, airport transfer services and the quotes. After the initial compare with other services, the significantly lower price and high quality of hair results; along with their aftercare follow-ups were important factors in my final decision. 


  • 3. How did you like working with your personal consultant?


My personal consultant was extremely helpful, friendly, and calm at all times. He assisted in answering every single one of my questions, even if they were unrelated to the hair transplant itself; he was also very knowledgeable about my case and specific needs. Always made sure I was at ease and was available to provide reassurance when I required it.


  • 4.How was the day of your hair transplant?


After I initially had my breakfast at the hotel, the chauffeur picked me up, and we left for the hair transplantation in Turkey. When I first entered the building, I was welcomed and made sure I was comfortable. I first had a consultation with the surgeon about the lost hairs and the transplantation process. I was a bit anxious about the initial anaesthesia process at first, but surprisingly I didn’t feel any pain, just a bit of pressure. Despite how I was worried about it, it was completely okay and not so bad! The team was so taken aback as well! After that, they put bandages on the donor area, to be taken off 2 days later during the wash. Aside from all that, I was originally quoted 3500 grafts, but after consulting with Dr. Yilmaz prior to the surgical process, he recommended a maximum of 4600 transplants to be received. And the cost remained the same! He guaranteed, this way, the hair density would be increased with success.


  • 5. How was your post-OP follow-up procedure, do you think there is anything the GMCare team can improve?


My personal consultant called me as soon as I returned from the surgeries to inquire about my experiences. They asked for pictures and were just as excited as I was. I can honestly say that the work ethic and concern for the patient were outstanding. For a whole year, they asked for additional follow-up photos and called to see how I was doing. At the beginning, when the transplanted follicles started to fall, I panicked a bit, but my personal consultant reassured me right away. He told me that this was a normal sight and the grafts would be growing within several months.


  • 6. What did you think of the hospital staff?


The staff was professional while also being welcoming and friendly. Communication was not an issue, and they made me feel very at ease.


  • 7. Do you have any feedback for your GMCare Team?


I believe that GMCare works with the best hospitals and doctors, and I would not hesitate to use your services again. I already recommended a friend who wanted dental work as well as a hair transplant on his hair line.


  • 8. Last but not least, would you recommend this treatment to someone who is thinking of getting a hair transplant in Turkey?


First and foremost, I would advise you to inform yourself thoroughly about the best methods. The treatment transformed my life, because the technique they offered me contained the 4in1 method; which was done using a Sapphire Blade to reduce damage on the recipient area. But if you’re thinking about getting one, do it!

Do you want to learn more about hair transplant surgery? Not sure which country will provide the best hair transplant? Or are you ready to take the next step and schedule your hair transplant in Turkey? Even if you are just looking to inform yourself on the trusted centers, reviews or package prices from the health tourism industry… Contact us right away, and one of our personal consultants will contact you to get you started. They will collaborate with you to find high-quality, affordable treatment options based on the criteria that are important to you.

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