Gastric Sleeve Turkey Reviews 2023

Traveling internationally for medical procedures, often termed ‘medical tourism,’ is a rapidly growing sector in the global health industry. Among the popular destinations for these services, Turkey stands tall due to its highly advanced healthcare infrastructure, expert medical professionals, and competitive pricing. Today, we are focusing on one such area of specialization – gastric sleeve surgery. In this blog post, we delve into the patient reviews and experiences regarding gastric sleeve procedures performed in Turkey through Global Medical Care.

Before we dive into reviews, it is crucial to understand what gastric sleeve in Turkey entails. This bariatric procedure involves the surgical removal of a large part of the stomach, typically around 80%, leaving behind a banana-shaped ‘sleeve’. It is a weight loss solution designed for those struggling with obesity, often when traditional methods such as diet and exercise have failed to bring results.

Reviews About Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Sophia’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“My experience with Global Medical Care for my gastric sleeve surgery was nothing short of phenomenal. From the initial consultation to the actual procedure and follow-up care, the professionalism and expertise of the staff in Turkey were truly impressive. They meticulously explained every step of the procedure, ensuring I felt comfortable and well-informed.

weight loss surgery turkey before after

The post-operative care was exceptional, with the attentive staff consistently checking up on my progress, addressing any concerns, and aiding my swift recovery. Today, months after the procedure, I’m delighted with the results. My weight loss has been significant, my health has improved, and I’m enjoying a renewed sense of self-confidence.”

-Sophia, UK

Daniel’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“Undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey was a decision I won’t regret. Global Medical Care facilitated this journey, making it smooth and stress-free. Their attention to detail, from pre-operative preparation to post-operative care, was commendable. The hospital facilities were modern, clean, and equipped with the latest technology, making me feel secure in my decision.

The cost-effectiveness of the procedure was another standout aspect. The whole experience exceeded my expectations in terms of both the care received and the cost savings. I’ve now successfully lost weight and am leading a healthier and more active lifestyle, thanks to this life-changing procedure.”

-Daniel, Australia

Julia’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“I chose Turkey for my gastric sleeve procedure primarily for its affordability, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the high standard of care provided by Global Medical Care. Their professional and courteous approach put me at ease. Every single aspect of my medical journey, from arrival to departure, was handled with precision.

Gastric Sleeve surgery before after

Post-surgery, I’ve made significant strides in my weight loss journey. The results have been incredible, and I’m enjoying my renewed health. The transformation in my life, both physically and mentally, has been substantial, all thanks to the competent team at Global Medical Care.”

-Julia, USA

Alex’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“Traveling to Turkey for a gastric sleeve procedure might seem daunting, but Global Medical Care made it incredibly easy. They arranged everything, from airport transfers to hotel accommodations, and even provided a personal assistant who was of immense help during my recovery period.

The surgery itself was performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon who ensured my comfort throughout the procedure. The outcome has been life-changing. The weight loss since the surgery has exceeded my expectations, and I can confidently say that this was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health.”

-Alex, Canada

Megan’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“I am extremely grateful to Global Medical Care for facilitating my gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. The medical team was skilled and compassionate, making me feel comfortable from the very beginning. The facilities were top-notch, comparable to the best hospitals I’ve seen in Germany, which boosted my confidence in my decision.

obesity surgery turkey before after

The whole experience was seamless, and the follow-up care was commendable. I’ve made significant progress in my weight loss journey since the surgery. I feel healthier, more active, and significantly more confident in my daily life, a transformation that I attribute to the successful procedure and the excellent care provided by Global Medical Care.”

-Megan, Germany

Ahmed’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“My gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey with Global Medical Care was a positive experience. I was amazed by the modern hospital facilities, advanced surgical techniques, and the professional demeanor of the medical team. The entire process was smooth, with Global Medical Care taking care of all the logistics, which was a massive relief.

The surgery has been successful, and I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight since then. The follow-up care, the diet and exercise guidance provided by the team, have been instrumental in my journey towards a healthier life. Today, I feel much healthier and happier, and I can’t thank Global Medical Care enough for their exceptional service.”

-Ahmed, Dubai

Marie’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“My journey to better health began with my decision to have a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. Global Medical Care arranged everything, ensuring a hassle-free experience. From the moment I landed to the time I left, they took care of everything, which allowed me to focus on my recovery. The medical staff were friendly, professional, and proficient in English, which significantly eased my initial apprehensions.

Gastric Sleeve surgery turkey before after

Post-surgery, I’ve been amazed by the results. I’m happy with the significant weight loss and my overall health has improved dramatically. The team has provided comprehensive post-operative care, including dietary guidelines and exercise regimes, which have been very helpful. All of this has made my gastric sleeve surgery experience a positive one, and I feel healthier and more confident than ever.”

-Marie, France

Charlotte’s Gastric Sleeve Experience in Turkey

“I chose to have my gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey through Global Medical Care and it was a great decision. The entire process was smooth, the staff were incredibly supportive, and the care I received was top quality. They coordinated everything perfectly, from my travel arrangements to my hospital stay and post-operative follow-ups. The facilities were outstanding, and the surgeon was highly skilled and experienced.

Since the surgery, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and my overall health has improved significantly. The transformation has been amazing, both physically and emotionally. I feel a renewed sense of self-confidence and a heightened enthusiasm for life. Choosing Global Medical Care for my gastric sleeve surgery was a decision that has positively transformed my life.”

-Charlotte, UK

Elena’s Gastric Sleeve Journey with Global Medical Care in Turkey


Embarking on a journey towards better health can be an overwhelming experience. This is especially true when it involves a significant procedure like a gastric sleeve surgery and that too in a foreign country. Elena, however, managed to navigate through this journey smoothly, thanks to the exceptional services provided by Global Medical Care in Turkey.

The Decision:

Elena had been struggling with obesity for years and after trying numerous diet plans and exercise regimens, she felt it was time for a different approach. That’s when she discovered the option of gastric sleeve surgery. Her research led her to Global Medical Care, a renowned medical tourism company in Turkey. After comprehensive consultation and detailed discussions with their team, she felt confident about her decision.

The Arrival:

Elena was greeted at the airport by a Global Medical Care representative who ensured her comfortable transfer to the hospital. She recalls, “I was initially nervous about the language barrier but the staff’s proficiency in English put me at ease instantly. Moreover, the team’s warmth and hospitality made me feel welcome.”

The Procedure:

At the hospital, Elena was introduced to her surgeon who walked her through the procedure in detail, answering all her queries patiently. She appreciated this transparency and felt reassured about her decision. The gastric sleeve procedure itself went smoothly and was followed by comprehensive aftercare. Elena says, “My surgeon was incredibly skilled. The procedure was efficient, and the post-operative care was excellent. The nursing staff was attentive and comforting, ensuring a swift recovery.”

The Recovery:

Global Medical Care provided a personal assistant who helped Elena during her recovery phase. From managing her dietary needs to assisting with her post-op appointments, the assistant was an invaluable support system. “Having someone to help navigate the recovery process was a huge relief. They made sure all my needs were catered to and I never felt alone,” Elena shared.

The Results:

Elena is currently enjoying her new healthier life post-surgery. She’s lost a significant amount of weight and her health has improved dramatically. “The results have exceeded my expectations. I’m more active, healthier, and most importantly, happier,” Elena expressed with a gleaming smile.


Elena’s positive experience with her gastric sleeve surgery through Global Medical Care in Turkey adds to the multitude of success stories. Her journey elucidates the compassionate and professional approach of Global Medical Care and their commitment to patient satisfaction. She confidently concludes, “Choosing Global Medical Care for my gastric sleeve surgery was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It changed my life for the better.”

Disclaimer: This blog post is based on individual experiences. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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Gastric Sleeve Turkey Review #1 – Expert Surgeons and Comprehensive Care:

One of the most frequently mentioned praises in gastric sleeve surgery reviews is the proficiency and dedication of the Turkish medical staff. Patients highlight the confidence they felt in their surgeons’ skill levels, complimenting their ability to make them feel comfortable and secure throughout the process. As mentioned by a patient from the UK, “My surgeon was highly experienced and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain every aspect of the procedure, reducing my anxiety. Post-surgery care was also excellent, with a dedicated team available round the clock.”

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Review #2 – Outstanding Infrastructure and Technology:

Another standout feature, as per the patient reviews, is the high-tech infrastructure and cutting-edge medical equipment. Turkey’s healthcare sector is world-renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, offering comfort and safety on par with Western countries. A patient from Germany shares, “I was pleasantly surprised by the modern hospital, equipped with the latest technology. It certainly eased my concerns about having surgery in a foreign country.”

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Review #3 – Seamless Patient Experience:

Patients commend Global Medical Care for providing a seamless medical tourism experience. From arranging accommodation, transportation, to offering a personal assistant and translator, the company ensures patients’ needs are met. A patient from Canada noted, “The whole experience, right from the moment I landed in Turkey until I flew back home, was meticulously planned and executed.”

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Review #4 – Cost-effectiveness:

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is highly cost-effective compared to many Western countries. Patients have consistently reported significant savings without compromising the quality of care. A patient from the United States pointed out, “I got world-class medical care at a fraction of what it would cost back home. The savings were tremendous.”

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey has garnered positive feedback from a multitude of international patients. The combination of expert medical professionals, top-notch facilities, a comprehensive care package, and affordability have all contributed to Turkey’s strong reputation in the field of medical tourism.

However, it’s important to remember that every individual’s experience can differ, and what works for one might not work for another. Always do your research and consult with medical professionals before deciding on any major health decision. But, if the patient reviews are any indicator, gastric sleeve surgery through Global Medical Care in Turkey seems to be an excellent choice for many.

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