Facelift surgery designed by European doctors performed by selected surgeons with our Swiss Quality even abroad.


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For our clients, hospitals follow our strict high Suisse standards.

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Facelift Before After Photos Reviews


Facelift Before After Photos Reviews

Real Before & After Results

Change your look, your confidence, your life....

Why They Choosed Global Medical Care?

Our European doctors define the best technique for this operation by combining the newest methodologies.

Then, selected doctors around the world, perform these methods based on your needs for your best results.

For our clients, handpicked hospitals follow our strict high "Suisse" standards. So with us, you know that your operation will be done with high European quality.

We do not only provide the best prices but as well possibility to pay by installments.

Best aesthetic operations

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We already brought the best experts and techniques together. We provide you a safe, secure, hassle-free system to get your new look at very affordable prices!

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Amer Mohammad
Amer Mohammad
08:22 06 Apr 21
Thanks Global Medical CARE, Team I'm fully satisfied with operation, for me this medical experience and this package is the best in the world this team already 2020 Award winner.I Think thay will once again 2021 Award, anybody can come without hesitation this operation is very easy very good Doctors surround you, every day my hairs growing slowly slowly and I m happy with that. Once again Thanks Global Medical CareMy best wishes with this Medical Team 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Thomas Ayme
Thomas Ayme
07:06 21 Jan 21
Acabo de recibir un trasplante. Todo salió muy bien. Un buen equipo atento. Encantado con el resultado. Recomiendo encarecidamente gmc. Gracias
Amel Lahzaiti
Amel Lahzaiti
11:05 09 Dec 20
Nous avons était pris en charge pour la greffe de cheveux de mon mari L’intervention s’est très bien passée.Prise en charge impeccable ;le médecin à était très a l’écoute ;l’équipe médicale vous mette a l’aise ils sont totalement disponible avant et après l’intervention .Notre traductrice Asuman a était formidable nous a très bien accueillie et a était disponible du début jusqu’à la fin de la prise en charge. Merci à VousTarik & Amel
abdou mz
abdou mz
16:16 06 Dec 20
Muy buena experiencia, personal que incluye un traductor informado y atento.Para recomendar
Adrian Hoxha
Adrian Hoxha
13:35 05 Dec 20
Muy buenas experiencias con la atención médica global. El hotel, el traslado y el médico fueron todas mis expectativas. La operación salió bien en las condiciones adecuadas. Agradeciendo su cooperación.
Raphael Guerra
Raphael Guerra
12:20 04 Nov 20
Realicé un trasplante de cabello en marzo de 2020 en Estambul. 8 meses después de la operación, estoy muy satisfecho con el resultado.Además del resultado, la experiencia fue muy buena. Las explicaciones, el seguimiento, todos los pasos antes, durante y después de la estancia estuvieron perfectamente organizados. El proceso está claramente bajo control.Había recibido comentarios positivos del conocimiento indirecto antes de elegir Global Medical Care. Hoy, a mi vez, puedo recomendar Global... Medical Care para el trasplante de cabello en Estambul.read more
2Wheels 4Life
2Wheels 4Life
06:58 22 Jul 20
Ich bin zum ersten Mal mit der Global Medical Care in Kontakt gekommen Bzgl. Haartransplantation in der Türkei. Muss gestehen, dass wie jeder andere auch ich meine Zweifel hatte. Doch je mehr die Professionalität des Unternehmens kennengelernt habe,. Ihre engagierten Mitarbeiter stehen immer für einen zur Verfügung, man wird nicht alleine gelassen und streben sich nicht nur für eine optimale Betreuung, sondern auch wirklich Fachpersonal die vertrauenswürdig ihre Patienten soweit helfen wie auch... möglich;) ich war vom 12. bis 15 Juli 2020 in Istanbul für die Behandlung! Jedem der genügende Spenderhaare hat,. Kann geholfen werden, das ist dabei leider entscheidend! Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist der Service NICHT zu schlagen und geben einem ein Stück Lebensqualität zurück! In diesem Sinne bedanke ich mich gerne nochmals beim Team;) sowie alle Übersetzter und Chauffeure, die einem super beistehen;) Werde nach Genesung kommendes Jahr, bestimmt nochmals bei der GMC Melden 😉read more
georges tschanz
georges tschanz
20:25 10 Apr 20
Il y a une année que j ai fait une greffe capillaire, vu mon âge ( 67 ans ) et mes cheveux très fin et un manque important, je n avait pas beaucoup d espoir ! Mais surprise c est un super résultat ! Si j avais su je l aurait fait avant ! Je ne peux que vous conseiller Global Care pour toute organisation qui s est très bien passé et un prix très attractif ! Merci à l équipe !Georges T .
Aurelie Bianchi
Aurelie Bianchi
05:04 29 Feb 20
Et bien je ne savais vraiment pas où je mettais les pieds. Au début , j’avais peur de faire un règlement à distance, en ayant fait que des échanges par wats app. Je suis parti en famille avec mon mari et mon fils de 5 ans. Je recommande fortement votre service. L’organisation et les informations sont en corrélation. Le seul point négatif est qu’il n’y est pas de pension complète. Peut être faut il en faire la demande?
11:06 25 Dec 19
Bin sehr zufrieden mit Global Medical Care. Reise war top organisiert und der Transfer immer pünktlich. Habe mich stets sehr wohl gefühlt. Hotel und Kilnik waren super, sowie das OP Team und der Service. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.
Mephisto GH
Mephisto GH
10:46 25 Dec 19
Excellent service and excellent results! Very satisfied with my hair transplantation done in Istanbul
obi Obinacci
obi Obinacci
18:17 08 Oct 19
I had a wonderful experience through global medical care.really happy with the team from the begining till the end.from my arrival in the airport till when i had my operation everthing went perfect.iam in my eleven days of my operation, i have already started seeing the result.fast result that is what iam seeing.i recommend anyone to 👉GLOBAL MEDICAL CARE.the have a perfect and good team.
Filip Vunic
Filip Vunic
10:29 28 Sep 19
The whole team is very warm-tempered, nice and accommodating. Everyone looked at my well-being the language is not a problem as everything is translated perfectly. The result has become perfect, I am very happy that I have come into such good hands.
Mariam Beno
Mariam Beno
15:38 12 Jul 19
Der beste Ort für einen qualitativ hochwertigen Haartransplantationsservice. Sie sagen Ihnen genau, was Sie am Ende der Behandlung bekommen werden und Sie bekommen es.
Susie klein
Susie klein
15:04 25 Jun 19
I had to do a lot of research in order to find the right clinic because of my hair type which is afro hair but I am so happy with my choice and result. I was kept in contact from the beginning, the procedure was so painless as it was done with the local anesthetics. The team was very helpful. Now I have a good hairline, can't wait to get a decent shape up. Best decision I have ever made.
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Global Medical Care
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Fabian Lezi
Fabian Lezi
Ich habe meine Haare( Transplantation )in der Türkei machen lassen der Service der mir geboten wurde war einfach nur top ich würde es jeder zeit wieder machen.
John Keane
John Keane
Had a very good experience through Global medical care. Really happy with attention from start to finish. Staff very attentive and helpful in every way. Glad now I had my beard transplant through Global. I would recommend anyone thinking of having similar done to check out Global medical care!🤗
Mike Joss
Mike Joss
Mit der Dienstleistung und Betreuung vollstens zufrieden. War erst ziemlich skeptisch und ängstlich weil es doch eine grosse Operation im Ausland ist. Wurde super gut betreut, würde es sofort wider machen über Global Medical Care echt von A-Z total zufrieden super organisation nur zum empfehlen.
Noel Jean
Noel Jean
Ils ont un super système. Ils scannent votre visage et vous montrent votre nouveau nez dans un modèle 3D. Ainsi, vous êtes sûr de ce que vous obtiendrez à la fin. Une technologie parfaite. La sécurité et l'attention sont là aussi ! Je recommande fortement leur service.
Lisa James
Lisa James
I've been doing a butt lift with them in Istanbul. I'm very comfortable with it and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else for any of my needs. I highly recommend Global Medical Care to anybody looking to have a more confident look.
Betty Steward
Betty Steward
Amazing end results! it's a very, very successful experience, my butt is just awful, I'm happy for my choice of asking their help, my confidence has increased, I proudly recommend their high quality service. They have a safe and secure system for the best results.
Charles Scott
Charles Scott
I was loosing my hair and didn't know how to feel more comfortable because of that. They found the best doctors on the world for me and I had my hair transplantation with them. All the team seemed very experienced. My trip to Istanbul was perfectly planned. I'm so happy to play with my hair again.... I strongly recommend them.read more
Rokya Bright
Rokya Bright
J’ai pris contact avec Global Medical Care suite à la recommandation d’un ami. À la fin, j'ai pu retrouver mes cheveux pleins et j'ai l'air beaucoup plus jeune. Leur traitement fait une grande différence dans ma vie. Sans oublier que la clinique était supérieure à toutes les cliniques que j'ai vu... en Europe : Confortable et hygiénique…read more
Emmanuel Leuenberger
Emmanuel Leuenberger
super service, bin sehr zufrieden 👍
Pietro Fiore
Pietro Fiore
Nadie Ahmeti
Nadie Ahmeti
Philipp Hafner
Philipp Hafner
Bin sehr zufrieden nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank
Flamur Grabovci
Flamur Grabovci
Dukz Hayat
Dukz Hayat
Katy Korqaj
Katy Korqaj
Super zfriede gsi met de organisation und de behandlig. Chas nor witerempfehle.
Jeton Ramadani
Jeton Ramadani
Valmir Korca
Valmir Korca
Fitoria Mujaj
Fitoria Mujaj
Vali Auro Meha
Vali Auro Meha
Arton Dema
Arton Dema
Alban Haziri
Alban Haziri
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Also commonly referred to as a rhytidectomy, facelift is a cosmetic procedure which pulls back and lifts up the skin, creating a smoother and tighter appearance. A lot of people have facelift surgery so that they can achieve a more youthful appearance, as the procedure will reduce sagging or flabby skin around the neck and lower half of the face.

As you get older, your skin loses elasticity. Your facial muscles also slacken, resulting in a droopy appearance. The rate at which this happens differs from person-to-person. However, a facelift can rectify this. It is also a good treatment option if you have lost a considerable amount of weight, as it tightens the skin around your face.

During a facelift, a flap of skin on each side of the face is pulled back, and tissues below the skin are surgically altered to return the contour of the face to a more youthful shape. Before the flap is sutured closed, excess skin is removed. A neck lift (platysmaplasty) is often done as part of a facelift to reduce fat deposits and sagging skin on the neck.

In terms of recovery, it is a good idea to carefully think about when to have this procedure, as you will often require a couple of weeks off work. Most people take two to four weeks to recover fully from this procedure. You can expect visible bruising and swelling for the first two weeks, and you should not drive immediately after the operation. In addition to this, to reduce swelling, you should keep your head propped up with pillows for a couple of days. You should also avoid getting the bandages wet, which means no showering for the first two days. No massages, saunas, or strenuous activity is allowed for the first fortnight either.




Facelift – Rhytidectomy

What can be corrected?

Forehead lines


Visible lines around mouth and nose area


Sagging cheeks


Fatty neck and wrinkles


Operation Details

How operation is done?

  • After the anesthesia (general) small cuts (incision) are created around the hairline from the temple and curves around the earlobe, ending at the bottom of the hairline as well under the chin to tighten the skin of the neck.
  • Skin is separated from the fat and muscle underneath and excess fat is taken out.
  • SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer is tightened which lifts the cheeks, gives the jawline more definition, and firms the neck.
  • Skin is pulled back up over the area and excess skin is removed.
  • Incisions are closed with stitches, sutures, or tissue glue after drains are placed.
  • A bandage is placed around the face and neck.

Duration of the operation

2 to 4 hours

Other Considerations

Total time needed for the operation, pre and post checks 

7 days

Stay in hospital

2 nights

Stay in hotel

4-5 nights

Back to work in

1-2 week

Start of sports

 1 month


Lasting up to 10 years.

Any visible sign of the operation after recovery

Very tiny scars:  at the back and/or front of the ear and under the scalp stays generally under the hair. The tiny one under the chin may be visible.

Side effects of the operation

Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, tenderness of skin, tight and dry feeling skin


Very rare: hematoma, infection, and reactions to anesthesia, injury to underlying facial structures with temporary effects, Injury to the nerves that control facial muscles (temporary but may be permanent), necrosis, poor healing and bleeding, excessive scarring, loss or hair and change in hairline.

Not suitable for patients

  • who have heart disease, diabetes, wound healing disorder, excessive scarring, excessive cigarette smoking, pregnancy, history of thromboembolic disease

Don’t take any risks for your facelift surgery.

This is your look for the rest of your life. Get the look you want with our safe and secure system!

Book your free consultation now!

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What Makes Our Service Unique?

Global Medical Care® Best Doctor Best Clinic Best Hospital

Doctors and hospitals picked by European doctors.

Best Doctors - Global Medical Care

Evaluation by 3 independent doctors to be sure about end results.

12 months support after operation

Continuous support: before, during and up to 1 year after the operation.

Payment by Instalments

Best price guarantee and monthly payments.

Swiss Quality - Global Medical Care®

Swiss quality globally: Global Medical Care®

European Contract

Legal protection with a European contract.


Our system provides more than 50% savings for operations of equal or better quality.

Facelift Price Cost Turkey

Flexible payment plans of up to 24 months.

With credit card:

You can pay your treatments up to 12 installments with your credit card which has a limit that can cover the entire cost.

Without credit card:

If you are Swiss citizen or have a C or B permit with a European nationality you may benefit a payment plan up to 24 months with 0% interest.

² Global Medical AG, is not a credit institution. Decisions about your suitability for any payment plan are solely at discretion of our partner credit companies. Your payment plans are not finalised before you get payment slips from them. For installments by credit cards, your card limit should cover the entire operation cost.

Don't risk your future look with cheap solutions, you deserve the best quality!

Schedule a complimentary online consultation. Learn all the safety and security measures we take to ensure the best results for you.

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Do I need any special aftercare?

You need to rest and limit your routine activities for a while after the operation. You are supposed to follow the instructions given by your doctor regarding scar care and medication details.

How do I look after the procedure? Will I look pulled or too tight?

After the facelift surgery, you will gain a distinctive look. Your new look will be natural. The people around you will notice the difference but may not realize the specific treatment that you have gone through on your face.

I have deep vertical lines around my mouth. Will face lift surgery get rid of these?

Face lifting procedure has important effects on vertical lines around the mouth area. But, laser skin surfacing and other dermal fillings can additionally be applied in order to get rid of the lines and wrinkles around the mouth zone.

Is it possible to combine face lift procedure with other operations?

Most of our patients prefer additional treatments along with face lifting surgery. Eyelid and brow lift are the most demanded ones.

My skin has sun damage. Is it okay to have a facelift in this condition?

Before you attend the face lifting procedure, laser skin resurfacing treatment would be beneficial in order to fix the damaged areas. After the laser skin resurfacing procedure on your face, you will experience much more successful results. You may contact us in order to get more information about favorable rates on multiple procedures.

What do I need to do after my operation?

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions tailored to your situation. Please do not act before you get your customized list. But general guidelines that our surgeons are sharing with their patients is as follows:

  • You should keep your wound dressings dry until they are removed
  • After the dressing removal, an elastic wrap will be given to you in order to apply it on your face. Make sure to keep the elastic wrap in place at all times
  • You will be given a prescription for a narcotic pain medication as well as antibiotics by your doctor. Please follow the medication plan that your doctor sets for you
  • You should not drive and consume alcohol while you are on pain medication
  • You should take your pain medication with food. This helps to minimize the nausea effect caused by pain medications
  • You should move your diet from liquids to soft food (oatmeal, French toast, yogurt, soup, and pasta)
  • You should rest for the entire day after your facelift surgery
  • You need to sleep while the head of the bed is elevated or use two to three pillows for one week after your plastic surgery
  • You should avoid bending, lifting or straining
  • You should not drive for one week following your facelift surgery
  • You should take at least one week off from work
  • You should keep your incisions dry
  • You can take a bath but do not forget to keep your incisions and hair dry
  • You can wear make-up in order to hide your face bruises one week after your procedure
  • You should keep your face away from sunburn. At this point, you can wear a hat and sunglasses
What do I need to do before my operation?

You will get a detailed customized list from your surgeon about what to do and what not to do before the operation. Please do not act before you get your customized list. Here is general guidance that our surgeons share with their patients:

  • You should inform your surgeon about your routine medication and health history
  • You should avoid taking any products containing aspirin and ibuprofen non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication one week before surgery. If you are on medication, please inform your surgeon accordingly
  • You should avoid any contact with all of the nicotine products, including cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chew or nicotine patch one week before surgery
  • You should avoid alcohol consumption one week prior to your procedure
  • You should not eat anything or take any fluids eight hours before the operation. Any food, water, coffee, juice, or liquids are not allowed to take in the morning of the operation. The only exception is medication that you should take with a small amount of water before the procedure
  • You can brush your teeth
  • You are not advised to wear any make-up and hair sprays/conditioners. Please remove your nail polish
  • You should not wear any jewelry or body piercings
What would be my daily schedule for face-lift operation?

Although it may vary from patient to patient, here’s a typical daily schedule for face-lift operations:
First Day:

  • You arrive to airport and your driver will wait for you at the exit of custom zone with a tag with your name.
  • He will drive you to hospital and hand you to your patient representative who is fluent in your language.
  • After the initial registration procedure you will meet your doctor in person. Your surgeon will explain you the procedure in detail and examine you before he advises on how the new look of your face would be. You will have an opportunity to discuss your preferences and expectations from your operation.
  • You will have your last checks to prepare you to face lift operation.
  • Then your procedure will start and will lasts for two to four hours.
  • Within an hour after the procedure, anesthesia will ease and you will regain consciousness.
  • Most of facelift surgery patients require cold facemask after the procedure in order to soften the tissues as well as prevent swelling and bruising. You may be given a cold facemask after the procedure.
  • Your doctor performs initial check-up and you stay at the hospital on the first night of face lift surgery.

2nd day:

  • This will be the healing and rehabilitation day for you.
  • Your doctor will perform the second check up in the morning
  • You will be advised on your medication and provided instructions on the dressing routine and using the cold mask.
  • You will continue to stay in the hospital and rest as much as possible for the remaining of the day.

3rd day:

  • This will be another healing and rehabilitation day for you.
  • Your doctor will perform the second check up in the morning before your discharge from the hospital.
  • You will move to your hotel room and rest as much as possible for the remaining of the day.

4th, 5th and 6th day:

  • You are advised to continue resting in your hotel room.
  • You should avoid heavy activities but may take a walk or go out for dinner.
  • Shopping, attending a cultural or sightseeing tour might be a good option for you in order to visit different places at the city.

7th day:

  • You will visit your doctor in the hospital for the last checks, removal of dressing and clips/stitches on your face.
  • Your doctor advises you further on medication and the types of activities you can get involved in over the course of your breast augmentation recovery period.
  • You will be ready to go back home after seventh day.
Will I have to change any dressings/bandages?

No, your surgeon will do this.

Will there be a lot of swelling after a face lift procedure?

You should expect to swell especially during the first three days after the surgery. The swelling on your face will gradually disappear. You can sleep with your head and shoulders elevated in order to minimize the swelling.

Will there be any drains placed?

Yes, there will be two drains placed at the back of your ears. Your surgeon will remove them on your second day of surgery.

Do you have any further questions?

We have helped more than 10000 people with our safe and reliable system. We can also find the best solutions for you.

Book a free online consultation so that our team can answer all your questions.

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15.000 m², 110 beds, 4 operating room, 450 health professionals.


51.000m², 200 bed, 12 operating rooms, 770 health professionals.

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