Everything You Need to Know About Female Hair Transplant


Female hair transplants can be a great solution for many women who experience hair loss. Female hair loss is usually caused by hormonal changes or aggressive treatments of other medical conditions. Therefore, it’s important to consult a physician before you make your decision. While there was once a stigma associated with the treatment, this is […]

Afro Hair Transplant: What you need to know


Afro hair transplant is not a usual hair transplant due to the characteristic of the hair and the specific aspect of each hair follicle. During this hair transplant, the most important part is to collect the grafts.  So, the majority of the surgeons who claim to be experienced in this procedure, fail in African hair […]

Everything You Need to Know About The Types of Rhinoplasty surgery


Rhinoplasty surgery is a very common surgical procedure. It can be used to treat both minor and major nose problems. This procedure is intended to correct any cosmetic flaws, such as crookedness or asymmetry, as well as any functional flaws, such as breathing issues. Nowadays, there are numerous types of rhinoplasty surgery to choose from, […]

7 things you need to learn before a hair transplant surgery


You would like to have a better look via changing your hair and you are considering getting a hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant is a great solution to get your full hair back. Before deciding on your treatment you may need to check the below mentioned 7 things and decide only after you are knowledgeable.  […]

Does hair transplantation really work?


When it comes to physical characteristics, like your hair style, and success, research has found there’s a definite correlation. Not surprisingly, the connection between hair and success applies equally to men as it does to women. The findings, published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, were aptly titled “A Few Bad Hair Days Can […]

How to choose the best hair transplant clinic?


There’s more to hair than what meets the eyes. In fact, many would agree that having a good set of hair greatly enhances one’s appearance and confidence in life. Fortunately, some countries, like Turkey, are at the forefront of helping men and women maintain, and even acquire, great hair.  Every day, professionals at the best […]

Is FUE or DHI the best method of hair transplant?


Although many different methods are mentioned, hair transplant is essentially grouped under two headings: FUE and DHI. What is the best method in hair transplantation? Which method do I choose, will my hair grow more naturally? Does FUE leave scars? Using DHI will I get less transplant? What is the latest technology? Which one is painless? […]

Can Hair Transplant Go Wrong?


You decided to have a hair transplant. Can a hair transplant go wrong? YES, definitely. Like all surgeries hair transplant can go wrong as well.  Here are several examples of how a hair transplant can go wrong. Every week we are getting applications from such patients. They realise their mistake but it is generally very […]

Why hair transplant is cheap in Turkey?


A hair transplant in Turkey can be significantly lower priced than in Europe or America. Why? Or how come?  We get this question nearly on a daily basis and we would like to share how this is possible. Are they doing something in lower quality? Are they using bad tools or old methods? Few days […]

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