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Need an MOT in Leeds? Come to Fast Fit. It almost goes without saying that this is one of our most popular services. And who can argue when one also considers the quality of service we offer, the speed with which we can turn the job around, as well as the convenience of a central Leeds location?

As befitting a business that was first established back in 1969, we’re DVSA approved and perform MOTs in all the different class IV categories – meaning we can test small and medium-sized vans as well as cars.

We also work on both petrol (plus catalytic converter) and diesel-engined vehicles, and in our hands a test will take about one hour on average.

If more work is required then we’ll only proceed with your approval – and only then once we’ve given you a breakdown of the repairs needed and their cost.

The cost of the MOT? £47.95. But there’s more: the city centre is just a 10-minute walk away, so why not take full advantage and pop into town?

Alternatively, it might be the case that you work in the city centre. If so, an MOT booking with us will ensure that your day progresses with distractions kept to a minimum.

Then again, you might bring your car in and want to stay put. We have a waiting room with drinks available - although feel free to chat to our qualified, reliable and friendly staff, who are always happy to give advice.

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