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Much like a worn tyre, brake wear is something that probably won’t be particularly noticeable at first.

It tends to happen over time and, invariably, the need for new pads and/or discs will get flagged up during an MOT or regular service.

But if you bring your car in to Fast Fit, then no sooner will we have given it the once-over and made any changes and repairs necessary, you’ll be back on the road.

What’s more, you’ll notice the difference just as soon as you hit the brake pedal.

We stock a wide range of both economy and high-quality OE (original equipment) matching parts and also have a lathe to hand if brake disc skimming and resurfacing is called for.

That’s what happens when new pads are fitted but new discs aren’t necessary. That might be the case, but the lathe still creates a perfect smooth, straight finish. What’s more, no ‘bedding in’ will be needed.

We guarantee a low price, and you can bring your car in without making a booking. On top of that we offer free quotes, brake checks and advice.

It’s the sort of advice that comes with experience and, thanks to our knowledge of the latest braking technologies, developments and techniques, a high level of expertise.

That’s all part of a service we hope that, besides satisfying the customer’s need for efficiency, courtesy and excellent value for money, will also offer reassurance.

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